War heroine leads Democrat charge

WHEN Tammy Duckworth’s army helicopter was shot down in Iraq, it took her eight days to regain consciousness. She asked in hospital why her feet hurt, not knowing that her legs had been blown off by a rocket-propelled grenade.

Two years on she looks the picture of health from the waist up and has a wide smile and an engaging laugh. One of her legs is only 2½in long; the other ends at the thigh. As she whirls around the campaign trail in her wheelchair, Duckworth has become a symbol of hope for Democrats in next month’s mid-term elections.

The prosperous outlying suburb of Chicago which Duckworth is contesting, has been die-hard Republican for decades and is reputed to have more churches per square mile than any district in America.

In a normal year Duckworth, 38, would be trounced. Tax cuts, gay marriage, abortion: these would be the issues dominating the campaign. But this election, more than anything, is about the war in Iraq, a subject the wounded pilot says she knows “a little something about”.

“My injuries in Iraq were definitely important to my decision to run,” she said. “When I came home, I realised Congress was not listening to the generals, the troops fighting in Iraq and the wounded soldiers coming home.”

Duckworth agrees “absolutely” with General Sir Richard Dannatt, the British Army chief, that the presence of coalition troops is exacerbating the conflict. “We’re attracting more people to terrorism than ever before. We really need to think about drawing down,”

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A very brave and remarkable Woman, I wish her well in the elections.
Truly remarkable.She has been there done that unlike the "chicken hawks" who gave her marching orders.

Well done that girl!!
quote “She’s a female and disabled and can hurl insults at him that he couldn’t or wouldn’t respond to in kind,” said one frustrated Republican activist.
And why would She need to hurl insults? Good luck Ma'am, one politician i would love to see elected.

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