War hero barred from bar because wound makes him look scruff

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PuD!, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Clicky

    I've just done a quick forum search to see if this has been covered yet and haven't found anything.
  2. As it is reported I'd like to know more about the behaviour of the police ...
  3. I think there might be a bit more to this story than he makes out.

    Gets turned down, someone else wants to batter him ...for no reason, then police handcuff him...FOR no reason, then he is in the cells for 8 hours...ALL for NO reason?
  4. 'News of the World', must be true then.
    "Then the police arrived. The next thing I knew I was in handcuffs"... followed by an £80 fine. I suspect he is only telling half the story here...
  5. If the first of the comments below the article are to be believed he isn't as innocent as he makes out. As with the 'cowardly coppers' thread, not enough info to get outraged over as we only have one side of the story, but I'd be surprised that the police tipped up so quickly to deal with someone breaking the dress-code of a bar.
  6. I think the old bill need to sort it out :soldier:
  7. Its the same bar were some booties were denied entry to in uniform after being to a funeral some years ago and the same one where a young matlo was kicked to death. I live in Liverpool and I avoid Concert Square like the plague, its full of either young idiots wanting to kick off or bouncers who look for the first oppertunity to tw#t someone (And yes I have seen it kick off there on many occasions) I doubt he was the innocent party that he makes out he is but he should know not to go there and to walk away from situations like that.

    The police will pretty much always take the bouncers side round there too and yes I have seen that first hand on several occasions too.
  8. Having a broken leg does not exclude you from being a C.U.N.T

    wobblin' round shoite city center boozers with your leg in a frame isn't bright

    No doubt minging and mega full of attitude, if I was on the door I wouldn't have let him in
  9. My bold. Like the saying goes, don't believe your own publicity.

    Outrage bus back in the garage, please.
  10. When did Afghanistan become the big brother house? I only ask as more and more of these stories keep appearing where blokes come back and think they are minor celebrities and the earth should revolve around them, this being the problem with 'publicity' for the forces, often has a down side, I personally preferred it when we were the quiet professionals, not fighting Jordan for column inches in shite red-tops.
  11. I should imagine the exchange went a little like this.

    Bouncer - Sorry sir, you can't come in, that leg is casual.

    War Hero - But I deserve to be treated like gold dust as I am the only person ever in the entire world to have been injured in conflict therefore I deserve superstar status.

    Bouncer - No, I stand by my Liverpool University Degree 1.1 in Special Needs that I do believe that you are contravening the dress code for this hostelry.

    War Hero - But look at me, I'm special, my leg is in a cage and everything, I demand to be given special dispensation by this club or I shall throw a terrible strop right here on your doorstep you burly poof

    Bouncer 2 - Off you trot sonny or you'll be walking with two limps.

    War Hero - But, but, but, right, that's it, I'm telling, I'm going to wee right down the leg of my trackies and dribble it on your doorstep you disrespectful oik.

    PC Dibble - Hello, hello, hello, who's the c*nt in the trackies then?

    War Hero ( by this time sobbing uncontrolably) - Officer, that utter bounder wont give me the recoignition I deserve, I expect you to arrest him for saying nasty things to me and for having the nerve of not knowing exactly who I am.

    PC Dibble - Move along Sir, you're making a scene.

    War Hero - Well, you can f*ck off too you f*cking pr*ck, I am special, you can't touch me because I am a hero....... a bloody hero, you aren't worthy of licking the vomit from my doorstep you plod.

    PC Dibble - Very good sir, have a spray of this lovely deodorant and that'll be a section 5 and a night with gripper the arrse ripper in cell 2, enjoy.
  12. Also shouting 'you dont know man, you werent there!!!!'
  13. Is this for real? The news of the world is hardly a bastion of accurate journalism. Having said that I know that some of those 'security contol' people, commonly known as bouncers, are neanderathals in pants with the collective IQ of an artichoke!

    If the story is true, I do feel for the poor guy. He got blown half way to kingdom come, and then is told he's too scruffy to get into a club! It's PC gone mad, and all concerned need a good slapping.
  14. By the sounds of it, 'the PC DID go mad'...or 'B'! one times gobshite had it coming!
  15. Those bloody Ilizarov frames have all SORTS of sharp pointy bits poking out of them! He's lucky he didn't get done for having a concealed weapon!!