War Graves Photographic Project

This is a new website and has gone live today.


The aim is to photograph every war grave since WW1 and the project is a joint venture with the CWGC. So far there are 88,375 names in the archive, so many more to add yet. When completed this site will be a permanent memorial.

There is no list of photographed cemeteries, you just have to search and see, but I can tell you that Salerno War Cemetery is on site as I have just found a photo of an uncle's grave. Not the same as visiting I know, (I have been to Salerno) but for those who cannot visit this site could be the next best thing.
527, 207 to date so they are moving quite quickly, unfortunately my relatives are not on there yet. I don't expect the Addis Ababa cemetery will be up any time soon.
Thanks for the link JW, it is an interesting read. I knew about Lt. Chard thanks to Dad, but had no idea where he was buried.

How sad that Pte. Robert Jones was not given the decent burial he deserved. It's time his headstone was turned round regardless of whether it was suicide or not.
Just ordered a photo of my grandfathers name on the Dunkirk Memorial - thanks for the link!

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