War Graves nicked

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Macks, Dec 4, 2003.

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  1. Can't find the story on the web, but in today's Independent, there's an article saying that some b*stard bloody Frenchman has stolen some British war graves, so he could use the Limestone has a building material. 8O What the hell is going on there? Do the French have absolutely no respect for what we did for them? TWICE?
  2. Quite why Bliar is such a fan of the frogs is beyond me. They are always up to underhand trickery or downright cheating and thieving of some sort.

    I say we should sink their fleet, bomb the Eiffel Tower and march on the Champs Elysee!
  3. it's a bast*rd thing to do but to be fair to the French, there are people over here who would do it as well. You can't group the whole country as thieving irrespectful arrses just because of the inexcusable actions of one man.
  4. You can, and VB just did :wink:
  5. aye alright, you can, but you shouldn't
  6. But we do and will. The French are
    The sort of scum that does this sort of vile grave raid should be fed to the Germans!
  7. Never!

    A few quotations from Admiral Lord Nelson, a man who really kneew about the French:

    "All Frenchmen are alike; I despise them all. They are false and treacherous."

    "there is no way of dealing with a Frenchman but to knock him down. To be civil to them is only to be laughed at."

    "To serve my King and destroy the French I consider the great order of all from which little ones spring; and if one of those little ones militate against it, I go back to obey the great order."

    "You must hate a Frenchman as you do the Devil!"
  8. Didn't Chirac have to apologise because someone put graffiti on a load of war grave during the war? If the froggies find and prosecute this rsole the fair enough - if not it is shaming them all.
  9. Are we Brits really in a position to gob off about the way the french behave?
    British Cemeteries are invariably neglected,vandalised and uncared for.
    Even on Remembrance Sunday graves of old soldiers remain neglected.
    I've seen a few Cemeteries in Normandy that were excellently maintained and really put us to shame.
    We should look at our own backyard first.
  10. Overseas war graves are looked after by teh Commonwealth War Graves Commission, who may well employ Johnny Foreigner to actually do the work, but they control it. In this country, of course, it is up to local authorities, most of whom who would rather spend your money on PC 'initiatives' and handouts to soap-dodgers and asylum-seeking gyppo thieving foreign bastards.
  11. sandyarrse - I think war graves overseas are maintained by the Commonwealth war Graves commission and not the host country. Agree though we need to get out own house in order though.
  12. Fine. Some grubby animal activist covered a war memorial in painted on monkeys or something. Yes, that's very wrong. But you don't see him nicking it to fix his garage wall do you? :x
    I got in trouble today for saying that the British hated the French. "AH! How can you say that?" from some hippy. I had to carefully explain that it was a national feeling, born from years and years of conflict, and that no amount of tree-hugging and aromatherapy can alter this deeply ingrained abhorrence of all things French! :)
  13. i personally haven't got a problem with the French, tho i do think this was a disgrace.

  14. How very odd!
  15. [​IMG]

    Hang them both.