"War effort is being hampered by troops too unfit to deploy"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fozzy, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/aug/02/british-army-obesity-fitness

    From the Graun:

    "Britain's war effort is being hampered by the number of front-line troops who are too fat or unfit to be deployed to southern Afghanistan.

    A leaked memo sent to all army units and obtained by the Observer reveals that basic fitness policy "is not being carried out" and highlights concern among military commanders over a "worrying trend of obesity" that is limiting the number of soldiers fit enough to fight in Helmand. Units are routinely failing to fulfil the army's basic fitness regime of two hours of physical exercise a week, it adds, and the army must "reinvigorate a warrior ethos".
  2. PUDs WTF Is the Army so short of recruits that it is now taking in Fat unfit barstewards to make up the numbers
  3. Old and unfit as I am, if a gun went off anywhere near me right now, I guarantee that I could run faster than an asthmatic ant who had just dropped his heavy shopping and was running with all six legs in hyperdrive.
  4. Considering the delays I had in geting surgery (Twice) and the overworked physios (Who did their best) I myself put on a fair bit of weight when I was unable to train, (Most of which now gone thanks to painful self beasting) then I think the system also needs looking at. PTI's need to take a far more pro active approoach to dealing with long term injured who are trying to restore their fitness. People should be dischaged from physio and placed under the direct supervision of a PTI.

    While there are wasters, I have been deeply frustrated by the lack of advice and support I received once I was discharged from physio. I am almost there, but it has been a long, painful haul and I probably risked further damage in my attempts to hurry the process. When I did ask for advice, I was made to feel like an embuggerance.

    Unfortunatley, our military culture still sees "Remedial PT" as a punishment for lazy soldiers rather than a mechanism for getting injured soldiers back into fighting fitness.
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  5. I don't think it was about injured, but about the number of obese people there are now getting into the forces
  6. Why. Are you a coward?
  7. I thought recruitment was up and the Army could afford to take it's pick of recruits :?
  8. He didn't say running away...
  9. Thats what I thought, but there seem to be a large number of PUDs, why?
  10. Very strange; the only recruitment problems I've heard about was a thread on ARRSE about Them finding it difficult to get enough recruits on Selection. And this was because the Paras and line Infantry regiments were getting quite enough action in Afghanistan without having to go SF.

    A friend's daughter is going for RLC, but failed her 1.5 mile run and was told she has to improve her basic fitness before she can get a place. So how/why are there so many unfit soldiers?
  11. Being a crow, and therefore having only not too long ago gone through the selection process and phase 1, I find that hard to believe.
  12. Because all the schools have sold their playing fields; their PE staff are discouraged from promoting competitive sports; PE/sport is not compulsory; the Health and Safety rules discourage javelin throwing, hammer chucking, shot putting, high and long jumping as the practices may be injurious and lead to litigation. Running is also frowned upon, especially if carrying scissors.
  13. I hope I do not come across as being very cynicial but he is hardly an unbiased, disinterested observer is he?

    As well, I do hope professionals will stop referring to BMI as if it is the unassailable benchmark of physical conditioning.

    On a different point, is it just me or did Tony Parsons just seem too gleeful when he pointed out the article...?
  14. So he's going to run at the bloke with the gun. Makes sense! :)
  15. You can have a large BMI and be classed as obese which this is totally crazy .

    Currently there are 3,860 army personnel classified as PUD .
    With a further 8,190 regarded as being of "limited deploy ability" for medical reasons.

    Well if our government get their act together and give our troops the vital equipment and man power they need ,May be we would have not have so many PUD/LD army personnel .