War Dog - Al J Venter

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Alec_Lomas, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Venter's tome has two further sub titles ' How to fight other peoples wars' and 'A history of the Modern Mercenary'. None of them fit the book, which in my opinion would have been best titled - 'Executive Outcomes in Africa'

    The book records the 'wars' in Angola, Mozambique and Sierra Leone predominantly; Op Barras merits 5 pages of their (EO's) perspective. Although originally in the shops in 2005 it remains topical, what with Simon Mann's issue just being settled and Zimbabwe's current crisis.

    A good read with supporting photographs on the lives and loss of lives of former Rhodesian and SA military diaspora with an ex- Hereford face or two thrown in . At £15 you could do worse.
  2. I'm reading it now - there's some interesting stuff in there its got to be said but I'm not keen on the way its been put together. It could be a lot shorter and better organised for my money. There are also a fair whack of typos/schoolboy errors in it (50mm - when referring to the Browning .50 calibre for instance) which doesn't say much for the Author's claim to have been involved with Janes'.

    All that said - I'm glad I bought it and it is an interesting read.
  3. Another good one on the same subject is "Guns for Hire" by Tony Gerarty better put together than War Dogs which I've also read.
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