War dodging in the TA (stupid question?)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by xinflurker, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. This might be a stupid question but here goes.

    I left the regular Army about three years ago but being a bit of a pervert I miss the guns, communal showers and endless conversations about the characteristics of a 5.56 round so am thinking about joing the TA.

    I know it's like asking to join a football team but not play on Sundays so ready for the abuse to pour - the problem is I cant take 6 months out of my job. I run a business which I can't leave alone for more than a few weeks without it going tits up. This would put me and the people who I employ in the sh1t if I deployed for more than a few weeks. I have thus far assumed that this rules me out of joining the TA in the current climate but thought I'd ask..

    Can I join the TA but NOT delpoy?? Has anyone got any experience of TA war dodging? Can it be done! :?:
  2. No need to worry, tis all voluntary now.

  3. It certainly can be done but you may not want to go on about it....and always be aware you may not have a choice.
    If it is an absolute red-line issue then you shouldn't join.
  4. Don't join.
  5. Might be best not to in your case because war is a popular game now a days and the TA is a dice, they will roll you over the board and move your figure a few steps closer to war and if you don't need that then don't open the game box and you'll be fine. Good Q, Stupid A

  6. At the moment it is voluntary if you want to go to war might well change in the future.If you cant go under any circumstances best not sign up.Or at least wait till gordon brown brings everyone home as its far too exspensive and we are needed to put down cornish udi :D .
  7. JOIN

    The TA needs experienced regs, I’m sure you have a lot to offer besides deploying.
  8. Thanks guys.

    Good advice.
    I had a chat with a local PSAO this afternoon as well; he pointed out that I'm currently on the reserve list anyway and that IF I got compulsary mobilisation without volunteering then I'd have a strong case for appeal.

    However, he also said in terms of the internal poltics, having a volunteer who effectively doesn't actualy want to volunteer would be frowned upon.. which is a good point.

    Basically, what I'm hearing is that it can be done but probably not advisable.
  9. Bottom line is its better to have you in the TA keeping your skills current than getting fat in the regular reserve, there are plenty of people who have not gone away even during the big call ups. So give it a go. One of the biggest problems my last unit had was keeping the training going when the bulk of the coy had been deployed leaving UN qualified G4 type lurkers to train recruits. So join anyway the TA needs you. If the army really needs you it will get you as a Reg Reservist.
  10. F*@k it. Why not. Can anyone recommend an Infantry unit in the Reading/Newbury area?
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was ready for the call in GW1 but it never came, I suppose Infantrymen werent needed!
    I was laughing at all the lads in the TA I was taking a course with who were worried then about the call up. I said that even if they cleared out BAOR and UKLF they still wouldnt mobilise the TA. I was right. They called up a field hospital and I know of a Postie on reg reserves from the Navy who was called up and sent to Pompey to paint signs! He lost his job on release. His immediate supervisors surname was Hussein, thats why it sticks in my mind. I was teaching a B3 Assault pioneers course at St Martins Plain when the ground war started!
  12. msr

    msr LE

  13. Forget Op tours, if leaving your business unattended for "more than a few weeks" is going to cause dramas, what about Annual Camp? Career Courses? Training Weekends?
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you cant manage camp then how can you ever go on holiday? Roughly similar amount of time!
  15. I would have thought that the idea of getting away from Reading, was reason enough to get in to the TA? :x

    A weekend, annual camp, deployment, seven years before the mast. All seem good to me, compared to a night ion Reading! :twisted: