War docs at Edinburgh Filmhouse

Two war documentaries are screening at the Edinburgh Filmhouse in November. These films by US director Robert Greenwald are both highly critical of aspects of the wars but are very respectful of the soldiers and individual contractors.

'Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers' examines the role of private corporations such as Blackwater, CACI and Halliburton, their effect on the war and the treatment of their contractors. The film led to Greenwald giving testimony to the US Senate which led to changes in legislation, and is relevant in Scotland today as the next Scottish census was awarded to CACI.

'Rethink Afghanistan' is Greenwalds brand new documentary about the war there, and this European premiere will be concurrent with the NATO Defence Ministers meeting in Edinburgh.

Hopefully the audience will be a diverse range of opinion, and I intend to invite some politicians, journalists and peace protestors but I am starting by inviting military personnel and their families as the people most affected by the issues raised. There is no group or political party behind this, it is simply an attempt to keep the issues in the public eye. These films are free to watch online already but watching films communally in a cinema is always a deeper experience. I don't think there will be time for any speeches or debates, but if anyone wishes to briefly address the audience then just ask in advance.
It is not anticipated that any profit will be made, but any that are will be donated to Combat Stress, and there will be donations solicited for that excellent charity at the door.

Sunday November the 15th, 10:30am, Edinburgh Filmhouse Cinema 2
Tickets cost £4.50 on the door but can be ordered for £3 in advance by emailing bravenewfilmhouse@googlemail.com

Sorry, the film date has been put back by a week to Nov 22nd at 10:30am.
I'll be able to get anyone in or related to the military at the cheaper price. Also, if you would like a copy of the DVDs for any reason then just email and I'll post a copy.

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