war disablement pensions.../dont give up..

I was awarded a 20% pension 29 years after leaving the Army and within about a fortnight of applying coupled with refusing them access to my civilian medical records.

I have heard that other lads from my unit also have wdp for lung problems.

Coldstream Guard Air Platoon 1970. (REME Air Techs taking early transfer to LTR)

Although I refused them access to NHS records (as I was legal aided to sue NHS at the time) the visiting MO assessing WDP did tell me that the NHS had cocked up and prescribed the wrong drugs for the 14 years after I left army.

20% appears to be the percentage of the damage accepted by MOD.

I thought that was fair actually.

In the event the disclosure requests for action against NHS revealed that 21 years of NHS records had gone missing from a total of 7 locations.

So if I had signed for MOD to have access it appears the records had gone walkies anyway.

None of the 1200 people legal aid funded to sue NHS for corticosteroid negligence got to court.

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