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Evening all,

Anyone have any idea how the disability percentage is worked out, I have just been given a 30% im not to happy about, and am wondering wether to appeal for a higher one.

Also, is my understanding right that if your say...19% (under the 20% watershed) you get a payout of about 8k?
If so what happens if you recieve a war pension for a couple of years until fixed (as in my situation) when you are then under 20%...do you get a single payout then?

Particularly curious since a mate with 19% disability just got 8K, and im 30% and getting 40 quid a week only for a year until review (when i expect to be below 20%)

This is frying the old brain a bit,,,,can anyone shed any advice?


if your assesed at under 20 percent disabled at your review your weekly pension will stop and you will recieve a one off lump sum like your mate, if your review drops you to 19 percent disabled then you will get the same as he did, unless the rate has gone up since his award. There are set amounts according to the percentage of your disablement.

Hope that makes sense, if not look here



Sorry for digging up an old thread but don't forget that £40 per week is £200 per month and £2080 per year. I.e. in 4 years you will have been paid the same as your mate (ignoring interest factors for now) and after 6 years one and a half tims his money (which relates to your 30% being 1 and a half times his 20%). I.e. from 6 years on you are still going to be receiving money and he will getting nothing...

I pretty much always advise people to appeal every percentage disability that they are given as in a majority of my friends' cases their % level has been later increased...
I am coming to the end of my 22 year career, i have been medically downgraded for a few years, will i be entitled to try and claim a disability pension/compensation as well as my normal pension?

I have just left the Army after 12 years I hav enot been medically discharged but I was in an accident in Bosnia a few years back and I'm still suffering the consequences of that accident and over the last couple of years the symptoms have been getting worse.

I have just recently received the paperwork that you have to fill in to make a claim I have found the people at the veterans agency to be very helpful so far and hope it continues.

I will however take on board what has been said in this thread and contest any first % offer that I get.
Sparky Sapper
i was down graded and was advised by a very high ranking medic when on my final medical to ask to be put on a medical board to assess my disability
end result medical discharge at 22 yr point
tax free pension
30% war pension
you didnt get a lump sum then ( 10 yrs ago )
i also got a few grand special payment

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