War Disability Pensions

OK, bit confused to how this works.

I was MD'd out after receiving an injury on active service. I receive a WDP pension which is tax free.

The original injury and it's side effects are becoming worse, preventing me from carrying on with my "hands on" roll within my company and forcing me into becoming a shiny arse.

The degradation of the original injury has also prevented me from carrying on with social activities that I once enjoyed.

Now, as I own the company that I work for and a direct side effect of the degradation is that I have had to take someone else on to cover the duties that I am no longer able to cover, would I be justified in claiming an increase in my WDP?

The degradation has not had a direct effect on my monthly wage packet, but has had a 30K a year effect on the companies profits (the new guys salary) and therefore on my annual bonuses.

I hear from the RBL that if the original injury for which I receive my WDP gets worse and affects my earning capability, I am entitled to an increase in my WDP.

I have not yet gone to the local quack about the degradation, I know what it is and how it was caused, so, experts, what do you suggest and how do I go about it?

I know that this might sound a bit “mercenary” but at the end of the day, I gave up the ability to run around the park with my kids for the sake of mil service. Don’t want sympathy for it, do want a “thanks mate” for it
ORG Go for it. I'm sure on the discharge papers it gives details of how to be reassessed if the situ is getting worse.

Get reassessed and an increase. Save it going to the pikeys
You dont have to recieve an injury on active service to receive a war pension, you could never leave the country and get a sports injury, but if it will affect you in the future you will qualify. but your injury must be in you med docs as proof of when you did it.
The War Pensions rules are a complete nightmare. Basically, if your 'disability' was caused by your service, you are entitled.

In general, you will have been assessed as x% disabled. If this percentage disability has increased, as a result of the original injury, you should ask to be reassessed. It may well be worth talking first to RBL or a similar agency, in case of recalcitrance on the part of the war Penisons Agency.

If you have seen a doctor beforehand and he has said you are more disabled than before, you will have something to use if WPA say nothing's changed.

I may be able to assist with more info/contacts - PM me if you get stuck.

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