War Diary of the 11th Lancashire Fusiliers WW1

Does anyone know if there is a published war diary of the 11th (Service) Bn Lancashire Fusiliers for 1914-1918? Great-Grandad A was with them from October 1914 to their disbandment, and I'm curious how he survived the action near the Vesle on 27th May 1918. Apparently the battalion held out to the last man, being reconstituted from the 17 LOB and some wounded.

No other unit is mentioned on his Medal Card, so I don't know what he was doing from 12th August 1918, when the battalion was broken up, to the Armistice. I know he survived the war, only to be gassed twice by the Darwen Gas Board.
All diaries are held by the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers' Association (Google is your friend). A few years ago they were able to supply service record details for my Great grandfather, his official records having been lost in the WWII bombing. He was Lancashire Fusiliers 15th Bn, Second Bantams, 17th SE Lancs. Ideally you'll have his service number. They provided me with a letter giving his dates of service, date of wound and discharge as well as regimental diary extracts for the relevant periods. Good hunting.


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