War dead parades are axed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. The People
    THE world-famous parades organised by the people of Wootton Bassett to honour our war dead are to be axed by Ministry of Defence chiefs sparking fury among grieving relatives, locals and soldiers.

    Huge crowds line the Wiltshire towns high street every time our fallen heroes are brought home from the front line.

    And images of the poignant public outpouring of grief have been flashed to millions of TV viewers across the globe.

    But the MoD believes the parades are a public relations disaster because they spotlight the unpopular conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and underscore White-halls failure to organise an official tribute to the dead on their final journeys.

    Now mandarins are drawing up plans for a new route that would avoid Wootton Bassett altogether outraging the 11,000 residents of the town dubbed the most patriotic in Britain.

    Since April 2007, the bodies of men and women killed in Afghanistan and Iraq have been flown to RAF Lyneham.

    War dead parades are axed - UK & World News - News - People.co.uk
  2. Not really axing the parade, but closing RAF Lyneham! The repats will have to go a different route as they will be brought home via Brize Norton. As long as we bring the boys home, route doesn't really matter that much.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Looks like selective reporting to me. As the report says, Lyneham is closing therefore the route obviously will change! Besides, how can the MoD "axe" something they never organised??
  4. There are some serious questions about the wisdom of that move.
  5. will people not just travel to the route going from Brize Norton?
    isn't it about showing respect not being in one location
  6. Yet another well researched piece from the gutter press. Lyneham closing was announced several years ago and the people of WB are well aware of this.
  7. The main wisdom is, as a country, we are skint!
  8. Showing respect should be spontaneous, rather than organised. The good people of Wootton Basset have constantly given the impression of spontaneity. If the route is changed, will those being passed act out of spontaneity or out of a sense of obligation (because the cameras will be on them)? Structuring a route to pass through a village specifically for the population to emulate the people of Wootton Basset seems wrong but then, so also would be scurrying the hearses through empty lanes to avoid people.

    No real solution - unless the troops are pulled out of Afghanistan before Lyneham closes.
  9. What a disgraceful twisting of the facts to make a sensational headline. I suppose the people of Wooton Bassett are naturally worried about a major source of income and employment for the area being shut down. I hope and expect that the tradition would be continued by the people of Carterton. I'd question whether the parades are a 'PR disaster' for the MOD or has that line been put in because it fits the story the People wants to tell.
  10. I hope you're referring to Lyneham being closed down, rather than the corteges ceasing to travel through WB.

    It's such an "expectation" that would render any action by the people of Carterton ambiguous. A "tradition" has little sentiment. If the people of Carterton were to line the road outside Brize of their own volition, it would be touching for the bereaved. If they do it to appease the media, it's trite. If they don't turn up, they'll be branded inconsiderate.

    I wouldn't like to be a resident of Carterton. Depending on the agenda of the media, you'd be labelled ghoulish, respectful, imitating, trite, mercenary and a whole lot more.
  11. Perhaps the mandarins would prefer the Red Army's NOTICAS approach during their own Afghan debacle: A knock in the middle of the night and then some armed blokes bundle a coffin into your house before running off. Consider yourself notified and bereaved.
  12. Related to that, the bodies still have to go for a post mortem pending an inquiry, these used to be held in Oxford, but has now changed to Trowbridge.
  13. Difficult to see how it could work at Brize. Even if they were to overcome the hurdles mentioned above (and these themselves seem insurmountable) traffic leaving the main gate at Brize has to turn right for all major routes. There is no village or High Street between the gate and the main dual carriageways of the A40.

    This ceremony if I can be allowed to call it that belongs solely to the people of Wootton Bassett it can not and should not be transplanted elsewhere.

    This of course gives us a dilemma when they close Lyneham and they will.
  14. My bold.

  15. Hopefully we'll see an end to the grief whore's and Dianaesqe faux sympathy.