war crimes


news just in law suits against 8 leading figures in the Iraq invasion have been filed in Belgium. for war crimes............well i never ::) ::)
Is this in the same Belgium that's failed to bring that chap who imprisoned little girls for his own deviant pleasure to trial for the past six years or is it the same Belgium that refused to sell us artillery ammunition in GW1 'cos they didn't want to upset Saddam.
'Law suits' implies civil actions rather than criminal charges, but this may just the usual display of ignorance by NIMN, since Belgium recently introduced legislation to allow their courts to try alleged war criminals irrespective of where the alleged crimes were committed.    

Unable to find any trace of this actual story, but this is related:

Perhaps this type of ludicrous Belgian nonsense is not too surprising; Belgium is too close to France for my liking.
Isn't it funny how every time NIMN rants on about something he doesn't actually have the first clue about what he talking about. I challenged him once about his more innane ravings on Deepcut to give us a precis of the facts, and guess what he was unable to do.....?

So come on Not In My Lifetime, give us a precis on the Geneva Convention, how it is alleged that British soldiers contraveined it on the occasion you mention, what International Law applies, and the punishments. Or are you full of it again?


Keeping to  the subject,

I would think Monetary and political considerations have won in the end.

Saying that I would want a very thick wall of concrete, between me and the resident politicans of Brussels.

Couple of points, NIMN

1) The Belgian government is now regretting the fact that it allowed the law permitting charges of war crimes against any citizen of the world to be levelled in its courts. Why? Well...

2) Said government is now having serious brown trouser moments on the grounds that the Americans are suggesting that if it is impossible for certain US military and political leaders to enter Belgium, then questions have to be asked as to whether having gallant little Belgium in the club is still a viable proposition....

3) ... and since Mr Blair, Mr Aznar and others might be next, they may find that the European parliament becomes a no-go area for heads of government meetings, and that it all has to move to Strasbourg.

4) And finally, you'll note that the charges were brought by Iraqi citizens. The Belgians are now getting very nervous that they might find that, say, a Brit levels charges against Bob Mugabe or  that an Israeli levels charges against Yassir Arafat. Or how about some other real crackers - Suharto, Idi Amin, Gadaffi. Or, to conclude,  how about Mandela, President N? Don't scoff, NIMN before having a quick thought about someone having a pop at him for SADF intervention in Lesotho, where:

'In a number of incidents foreign troops used excessive force, amounting to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, against civilians ... unconfirmed reports that South African National Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers have raped women near the Makoanyane Barracks. Such action by the intervening forces is a serious violation of international human rights and humanitarian law'

Would you approve of that prosecution as well, NIMN, or would you have doubts about Nelson Mandela being up before the beak? And if yes, what's the difference, please?


woopert woopert woopert :( :(

IF and only IF you read my post again you will see, that for the first and only time here i didnt mention that your kind are murderers, it says and just to save you messing about with your mouse "news just in law suits against 8 leading figures in the Iraq invasion have been filed in Belgium. for war crimes" now where does it in there mention alleged British soldiers, leading figures means Heads of governments and their underlings, not an erk soldier like yourself, you really have to stop being so touchy on this subject, or do i detect an underlying reason for this.
Recently caught up on NIMN posts regarding the firemans dispute and after careful consideration decided that he is a t*sser. Get the feeling that he only comes on this site to incite and rile the serving and ex-serving membership. Even good posts (have there been any?) are now looked on with disdain (by me anyway). Off thread but needs saying methinks.


mur you can say tosser on here.

NIMN you are a french smegma eating firefighting shirt lifting poo eating skiving bald tosser
NIMN has his own agenda.  Being constructive is not on it that's all.
or do i detect an underlying reason for this.

The underlying reason is that you are a bit of a tw@t that reads a headline, doesn't bother reading any further, then comes on here to try and wind people up.

I, like many others, appreciate debate and reasoned argument from someone with a different viewpoint to my own, but nothing you have ever said on here is reasoned. So I invite you to give us an overview of your knowledge on the subject so that we can all see if you have actually bothered to do any research on the subject whatsoever.

If any Brit serviceman was charged over Iraq you would not hear from NIMN for a while.  Not until he had at least changed his underwear having "popped" himself in excitement.


NIMN you are a french smegma eating firefighting shirt lifting poo eating skiving bald tosser
Aint that the truth ....  wish I thought of that one LOL ;D

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