War Crimes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldTimer, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Now that Saddam has had his trial and been executed wouldn't it be nice if Bliar and Bush were handed over to the Iraqis to be tried for the murder of all those they are responsible for ??
  2. I reckon both Babbeo* Bush and Phoney Tony should be marched in front of an international court, along with Dumbsfeld and TCH!


    * This is an Italian word meaning "simpleton". Love it!
  3. I've said it before and no doubt will say it again.

    If You feel this way unite with like minded people, organise and take out a private prosecution. You can fund it through subscription - if You get half the anti war people who marched the first time and ask for a fivers subscription to the pressure group then that is a war chest of 2.5 mill
  4. So thats consumer life in Britain plc is it sven?

    Like every other product or service justice for war crimes have to be paid for do they?

    funny how they pay for war out of our taxes but justice you suggest we have to pay for out of our own wallets eh?

    We'd be paying for both ends of the deal wouldn't we?
    We'd be paying for the prosecution out of our private income and they would be paying for their defence out of our taxes.
    You work for New Labour don't you?

    I've got a better idea, next time some c'nut wants a war let him pass a hat around the country and see how far he'd get before he got a smack in the mouth never mind a contribution.

    Paying for justice - I ask you - listen to yourself.
  5. SLRboy, have you seen the new site BFG_9000 has set up for you?
  6. no I haven't tartan,
    please direct me through the labyrinth
  7. I take it You can't be arssed then

  8. We could jsut ask the hague to invite them over to justify themselves.

    Calling witnesses might be a problem as they have already offed the prime witness - (bloody convenient that)
  9. Indeed, You could start a pressure group to do just that.

    But first You have to unite

    And organise

  10. Oh that sounds like effort.