War crimes police tracked Maxwell

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Media tycoon Robert Maxwell was under investigation for alleged war crimes at the time of his death, it has emerged.
    Detectives were considering Maxwell's admission that while serving as a British Army captain in World War II he shot dead a German civilian.

    A Metropolitan Police file was released to the paper under the Freedom of Information Act. It shows that detectives at the Metropolitan Police were preparing a case for the Crown Prosecution Service.

    The incident is said to have taken place in April 1945, when his platoon was trying to capture a German town.

    Maxwell said he shot dead the town's mayor after a tank opened fire on them.

    Police began an investigation into the killing when the War Crimes Act came into effect in 1991, following a complaint from a member of the public.

    The inquiry was apparently still under way when Maxwell's body was found at sea.

    The police file says the case was closed the following year, because it could be "progressed no further".
  2. Robert Maxwell was born Jan Ludvik Hoch in Slatinske Dolt in the Carpathian mountains, an area of extreme poverty, in Czechslovakia on 10 June, 1923.

    His orthodox Jewish parents were victims of the Nazis, and he only just managed to escape the concentration camps to arrive in Britain in 1940.

    Describing himself as "self educated", he spoke several languages and by the end of war, he had emerged as a British army officer with commendations for bravery.

    After the war, he was located in Berlin, where he decided to publish scientific journals and set up Pergamon Press.

    You read a lot of things about Maxwell and I'm NOT defending him, he had something coming to him and it just shows the importance of wearing life jackets especially if you happen to have pilfered millions from a pension fund. As for the case during WWII, I'm sure you could pack the courts with similar cases from most conflicts, providing there is still the evidence and the witnesses alive to testify. It was WWII and not Exercise Whatever and there were no little dicksplashes running around with white armbands with Umpire on them. I think that alleged incident and his later raiding of the pension fund shows there is a time for you to keep your hands firmly in your pockets, except when there's a guardrail to hang onto when you jump or are pushed.
  3. He was a Captain in the Royal West Kents (now PWRR) and awarded the MC.
  4. did they ever find a body or was he just "missing presumed drowned"?

    never forget all the "Drop the Dead Donkey" running jokes about it all... :)
  5. He was last reported near the Canaries and was found face down in the Atlantic, that's according to Wikipedia. Drop the dead donkey was brilliant, still is, they should modern teach history to kids using the DVDs, it might not bore the t!ts off them so much.
  6. Or even teach modern history. Sorry I was always a bit backward.
  7. It's all that time spent in N.I. - must have worn off :wink:
  8. You're dead right Pikey, so you are!
  9. it wont be the first time in history a larger than life character like maxwell fake's his own death, :wink: israel's history is full of such event's :roll:

  10. He does not appear in History of The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment 1920-1950. No record of him being awarded the MC in the Honours and Awards List either.
  11. You're not looking hard enough- he's just below Jeffrey Archer :wink:
  12. The body of the Daily Mirror publisher was winched from the Atlantic by a Spanish helicopter 20 miles south-west of Gran Canaria. Spanish national radio said he was unclothed and showed no sign of violence.

    That's an excerpt from the Guardian which some would classify as a newspaper. He'd have a hard job carrying on a life in Israel with the millions unless Dolly wasn't really one of the first attempts at cloning.
  13. The grasshopper
    Obituary of Robert Maxwell

    Dennis Barker and Christopher Sylvester
    Wednesday November 6, 1991


    Robert Maxwell , who has died aged 68, was one of the most mercurial postwar operators not only in the British media but British commerce generally, a self-made individualist who managed - just - to keep a fitful peace with the mores of a British corporate scene notoriously unaccepting of flamboyant personalities. He left his native Czechoslovakia as a youth to escape Nazi persecution of the Jews, had a distinguished war when he was awarded the Military Cross for bravery, set up his own publishing company, Pergamon, shrewdly buying the copyrights of books by academics who wanted reputation more than money, survived being proclaimed in a Board of Trade report as a person unsuited to head a public company and then went on to own the Daily Mirror Group and the New York Daily News.
    All this was due to the essence of his assertive character forged in his early years. He was born to peasant parents, Michael and Ann Hoch, in Slatinske Doly, a village near a salt mine on disputed territory near the border of Rumania on June 10, 1923. He always described himself as self-educated. In an obscure period of his life, he acquired at least a smattering of several languages, came to Britain and joined the British Army under a series of aliases - du Maurier and Jones as well as Maxwell - because the War Office insisted that refugee soldiers should have false names in case they were captured.

    As he was to do later in life in entirely different contexts, Maxwell agitated to get himself towards the centre of the stage, this time in the form of membership of a crack fighting regiment. He joined the 6th Battalion, the North Staffordshire Regiment in 1943. He landed with his regiment on the beaches of Normandy shortly after the D-Day invasion of the continent and distinguished himself not only by his bravery but by his skills as a fixer, once exciting admiration and envy by returning to the battlelines with bottles of Calvados.

    The bravery was real enough. In January 1945, when the war was in its final months, he was on the Maas River in Holland with some other soldiers who charged a block of flats in an attempt to re-take them from the Germans. A few days previously he had been promoted from corporal to the commissioned rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Maxwell charged straight across the Germans' line of fire, a perfect target. Large numbers of bullets pinged around him, but all missed. For this heroism he got his Military Cross.

    When the fighting stopped, there was anti-climax. He was a man built for battle. He interrogated German prisoners at Iserlohn in the Rhineland, then went to the Control Commission, the Allies' organisation quickly set up to manage the industry, economy and life of the defeated Germans. He rose through the Public Relations and Information Services Control, both as an Army officer and as a demobbed civilian.

    His skill as an entrepreneur was finely honed in these circumstances. Keeping the permitted newspapers going meant that the various sections of the services had to bid to the Control Commission for supplies, since none were available on the open market. Maxwell emerged as an organiser extraordinary.

    The rest is a bit boring.
  14. I can't track down the detail but he definitely served with the RWK - I suspect that it was when he moved to intelligence work and they probably used the cap badge as somewhere to park him. Years later (in the 1980s) he appeared in a Sunday newspaper dressed in the, then, modern day Queen's Regiment uniform at a memorial service - I've tried to search the web but can't find the picture - I think it was in the Mail on Sunday; I remember it so well because a chum in the Regiment was outraged as Maxwell had just turned down an approach for sponsorship for the Regt Freefall Display Team.
  15. How come its a War crime???? Didnt Leslie Grantham (Dirty Den) shoot a german cabby and that was just murder wher is the line drawn??