War crimes in Chechnya

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Of course I don't tolerate war crimes everywhere including Chechnya.

    Our friend Ghost_us on another thread kindly noted

    Who namely was raped? I prefer to discuss concrete facts, concrete war crimes, atrocities ans so on. Colonel Budanov was sentenced to 10 year for killing of Chechen lass and is in the jail now. It is a concrete case.

    Yes aerial bombardments and gun fire were used during the war. But name me even one modern war where they were not used.

    TOS-1 (Buratino) is not WMD. It is indeed "heavy fire-throwing system". It was used against undeground bunkers and is very efficient. First time I hear that such weapons were banned.


  2. For a good overview of the second Chechenya war... http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/war/chechnya2.htm


    Our operation to take Fallujah a couple years ago was a pale echo of what your military did to sieze Grozny... we used a lighter touch and less indescriminate fires but the methodical clearing of a city block by block is never a simple exercise. Easy to criticize somebody for being heavy handed but in the case of Grozny, the method probably saved thousands of Russian lives.
  3. I don't think that your source is so valuable.

    Actually the war ended some years ago. Number of rebels is low, their actions are rare and are rather local pin-point operations.

    There was very clear objective - to defeat Chechen rebels as military force and using pro-Kremlin collaborants to establish effective control over Chechnya. And mainly it has been done. Btw, I believe that USA have the same objective in Iraq. But the insurgents as a military force hasn't been defeated and pro-American collaborants are weak and think mainly how to steal as much as possible.

    And USA regards Ieaqi war as a strugle against terrorism. In both cases it is not true.

    Well, let's look what BBC writes about Chechnya



    I fancy when the same thing would be said about Baghdad, Basrah or Fallujah?
  4. Sergey

    I think Khyros is right on this point I also think that you too agree with him.
  5. Of course, I agree with him.
  6. Just someplaces then?

    (I do realise english is not your first language, but in the above it has totally changed what I think you meant.)
  7. Of course, I'm not a native English-speaker. Really I meant

    I Don't tolerate war crimes without any exceptions. Everywhere, in each corner of the World there is no place for war crimes, including Chechnya (it is not an exception too).

    Sorry for poor English.
  8. Just changing everywhere to anywhere would have done it.
  9. Thank you!

    I understand your point. One could read my phrase this way:

    If war crime take place everywhere in the World then I would not tolerate this situation but even one exception would be enough to change my mind.
  10. Why is it we never see you posting about civilians killed by insurgents or anything on Palestinian groups. You harp on Israel with thinly veiled "here's a post showing Israel to be the bad guy, I don't agree with it but read it anyway". We read through the lines, and anyone that's read any one of your thousands of posts gets the picture. Many here believe you are not a person but an organization: Again
  11. Ah perhaps Sergeys questioning on this thread may give you a clue ghost_us


  12. Palestinians? Ungrateful people, absolutely uninteresting. Their future state will be poor and filled with criminals. You can call me anti-Semite but I don't like Arabs. They are unreliable. According to principless of freedom of speech I reserve a right not to discuss themes that I don't like to discuss.

    By contrast, Jewish people is really outstanding. There is a lot of Jewish scientists, writers, musisians, artists, humourists. It is a very talented people, heavily contributed (and contributing) into creation and development of modern civilisation. And there are so many Russian speaking Israelis. Their style of thinking is like my one.
  13. True there is no comparison, huge violation of the GC, extensive use of flame weapons in civilan areas.

    The Russkis may have been slightly pissed after Grozny#1 where they got creamed.