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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Cuddles, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Weren't Battle Picture Library and Commando war comics (training pamphlets) superb? What set them apart from the rest of the dross was the intense military historical detail and the research. For example when I was 12 I knew what a P14 rifle was!

    What was great though were the expressions coming from the mouths of the characters. Who will ever forget that pearl "Share this pineapple out amongst you squareheads!" or that other diamond "Achtung Spitfeuer"?
    Did anyone ever say "Tommy, for you ze war is ove"? Did rival racing car drivers end up duelling in the skies over Kent before agreeing that Nazis were bad and living happily ever after?

    Any favourite plots/formulas? The old "His father was a coward..would he be one too?" was a much used chestnut.

    Any thoughts?
  2. But the best of all was 'Rover'. I know I'm an old fart, and he was a crab anyway, but 'I flew with Braddock' was excellent. I particularly remember Braddock's ability to confirm the narrator's carefully plotted fix/DR position by opening the cockpit DV panel and sniffing the air - 'That's about right, George,' he would say.
  3. Braddock, like his nav' and most of the heroes in these stirring tales were all good solid middle-Englander, Grammar school types. You know, the sort that Bliar has repeatedly alienated. Well, looking at the revenges that some of these chaps wrought on the filthy hun/nip - well Tony beware. Sadly the only comic he is interested in is murdoch's Sun...
  4. what about battle picture weekly........?

    D day Dawson,

    THE MAN IS A LEGEND...................
  5. Is he the cnut who a "Jerry shrapnel" working its way closer to his heart? He was rock hard. he must have won ten MM's
  6. Johnny Red! Flying his hurricane with the Red Army!

    Charlies War - Both of them!

    Sailor Small - like a sailor but very small!

    I loved "Battle"
  7. RTFQ


    Two brothers who fell out (over the same woman, because one bowled the other LBW when in fact he wasn't etc) and one joins the RAF, one becomes a Tommy, each fighting their own war against each other and the Japs/Germans. RAF guy gets shot down and meets up with brother, who is now a Chindit and together they save a village of locals from the nasty nippon army.


    the Father/Son Saga. Dad's a WW1 hero, son's a playboy and waster. in '39 son gets in trouble with the law and father steps in to bail him out on the condition that he joins up. Blah blah blah, the now General father sees son valiently leap to his death with the bridging demolitions that would have destroyed the final bridge over the rhine. Taught me to be a man did those comics. You can still get them too!
  8. Ahh weekly comics like The Victor, front page was always a comic strip of a medal citation from WW2 or WW1.
  9. brings back many happy memories - still have one circa 1971 in mint condition I found years back at a flea market; front cover was all about a young lad in 1940 becoming a marksman at school with a .303, a storeman in France and then shooting a German tank driver through the vision slot :D All good stuff.

    Is Victor still in publication? Have seen Commando only recently being flogged here in S'pore - 3 for S$10 - but the stories now include Vietnam 8O

  10. Battle Action, Victor, Commando the staple diet of a 10 year old :)

    They even translated the Commando comics into Norwegian, i found some a while back in a used book shop. Donner und Blitzen!, Gott in himmel!, aaarrrggghhh! didn't need translating though it seems :wink:
  11. RTFQ


    Does anyone remember Warlord? My first born will Be called Warlord Battle Action
  12. Ahhh Warlord, Kampfgruppe Falken, Union Jack Jackson etc. Lord Peter Flint was a template to all young boys on how to treat the enemy. Battle, Victor, Warlord and Hotspur (I think), were superb, some had stories about good old fashioned sporting values. It seems like a hundred years ago that these were vital reading for any young boys, today? 8O WTF is there? if I have sons I will have to spend a fortune on back issues if I can drag them away from the playstation and tanning salons, thank you David twatburger Beckham... role model my arrse

    How can we indoctinate the troops of tomorrow? :cry:
  13. i was a warlord secret agent mate .... lord flint used to set us little taskings every week , quality , i think that's where i learnt morse !!

    a very important part of my childhood was spent thinking that Germans actually did speak heavily accented English all the time , with just the odd Kraut phrase .... (normally at the moment they got fragged by Major Easy)

    i saw some of those commando books in the airport last year , tried to explain their importance to the other half, to a bemused half smile that said
    "i have no idea what you mean"

    stick to f-ucking bunty then split arrse.
  14. Me too. Fantastic comic.
  15. RTFQ


    So was I!! I'd forgotten about that. I sometimes think that my entire childhood was spent playing war. We didn't know what doctrine was but I'm sure me and my mates worked out fire and monoeuvre, the battle group system and the manoeuvrist approach simply from games in the woods, warlord comic and Transformers.

    Most upset to find out, while caught up in a scrap in Cologne, that ze Germans don't shout "Aieeee!" when dropped and nor do they run away shouting "Gott in Himmel"