War Comics: Graphic violence

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Stavinski, Nov 20, 2003.

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  1. Am I the only big kid out there who still reads war comics from my youth? I am refferring to the wonders of obviously educational reading material like commando comics, warlord, battle and any other strips which include the German exclamations 'achtung,' 'kamerad' and the classic, 'mein panzer is kaputt.' And from our own chaps 'have some of that Fritz!' and 'come here you filthy hun!'
    Anyway to spur some healthy debate I was wondering what the audience thought of the recent republishing of the amazingly good WW1 comic strip Charley's war in 2000AD. A must read for all interested in the trenches!
  2. Is it the original "charlies war" form the Battle comic in the 70's and 80s?

    I used to have a collection of all the episodes from the start to the end of the battle of the somme. As I remember it war a great strip, really gritty.

    Is it still running in 2000ad ? I heard that a software company bought the comic and its back catolague a while back but didnot know of the connection to older Fleetway? comics
  3. I used to be in the Warlord Secret Agent Club !! I had the badge with the letter 'W' printed onto it, so as to identify myself to other 'secret agents' (I met none), and the encoder/decoder booklet, which was really the alphabet backwards (hail BATCO)!!

    I started collecting comics in 1978 with the first edition of Starlord, which was incorporated into 2000AD twenty plus editions later. I still read 2000AD occasionally, mainly for Judge Dredd. Had over 300 comics back in 1993, but all were sold at a car boot sale, which I regret now.

    Anyone ever heard of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers? Excellent stories about three brothers living on the dole in America, smoking weed and avoiding NARCs.

    And reading back on this comment, I look like a spotter !
  4. We will never again see the like of Captain Hurricane, who was (I think) a bootie who managed to fight the Germans (catchphrase 'Kamerad, we surrender!') one week, and the Japs (catchphrase 'Aaaaiiiiieeeeee!') the next. I think he appeared in either the Victor or the Hotspur in the mid to late sixties, when children were taught that to defeat those who attacked us was ok. God knows what they read now - Hair Braiding Weekly or the Soap-Dodger's Gazette?
  5. Captain Hurricane had a sidekick called Maggot Malone and I think the comic was called The Lion. The strip contained such classics as:

    'Eat lead Tojo!'
    'Chew on this pineapple Fritz!'

    There was also an RAF type called Battler Brittan with a jolly handlebar moustache and lots of 'Achtung Spitfeur!'

    I understand Lion is being reissued and the first episode will feature Hurricane organising a CIMIC project in Bosnia while Brittan lounges in a five star hotel as it's his mate's turn to fly the squadron's one Eurofighter Typhoon.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    No no no....

    Captain Hurricane appeared in the Valiant, which I got every week. Good stuff for a growing lad, showing him how we won the war. Also had House of Dollman, Kelly's Eye, the Steel Claw, and many other classics. Try this link -


    Also - yes, it is a reprint of the original Charlie's War from Battle!

    I am sad enough to still have all my old 2000AD's, from number 1 (okay, very sad indeed). One of the things I'm looking forward to on return from this hole - about fourth on my list - is to sit and read six month's back issues of 200AD - nothing like it.

    OK, I said before I'm sad...
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Right, Charleys War was in Battle comic from the fairly early days, Battle Comic got linked up with Action comic (which itself lasted 6 months or so) to become Battle Action comic. Though that was a mistake. If I recall Battle Action either closed or merged with 2000AD with the subsequent dropping of both any mention in the title or any of the strips.

    Don't forget Victor and Eagle (watch out for the Mekon) as well.

    For the record I had 2000AD from episode 15 onwards. Judge Dredd and the 4 Judges of the apocalypse rocked, along with the war against East meg 1 and 2 rocked. I was always a fan of the Aussie judges too.

    Possibly the coolest line ever was:

    JD to Judge Persil over a mysterious Spontenious Ignition
    "I don't know, something just doesn't wash"

    For those of you that liked the darker side of 2000AD Bill Szeicowickz (spel) and Frank Miller got together for the excellent ELECTRA: ASSASSIN - I think this intro says it all
  8. We used to call them 'Training Manuals'. No library was complete without them. Probably not terribly PC today though. Shame.
  9. YES!!!! FFFB....the Greatful Dead loving happy living brothers.... how sad, please tell me you hate them for the dregs of society they are GH...make it easier for me to still love them......


    ....my kids think i am 'mom'!!!!
  10. I was a complete comic nut as a kid. I used to get 2000 AD, Warlord, Fireball, Action, all sorts of Commando type mags as well as erm........the Beano and Cheeky Comic!!!!

    The gore in the early 2000AD was great. Flesh Book 1 was awesome.

    The Commando comics had some great stereotypes. All the Japs rode bikes, had little round specs and called everyone "English pig dog!". The Germans always shouted "Die Tommy".

    The PC brigade would love it today.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    In Warlord I won the prize Airfix motorised Me109 for best letter about the SR-71 back in 1975ish.....around then. My dear mother didnt believe me and threatened to call the police for my shoplifting!

    Bring back Union Jack Jackson!


  12. Mmmmmmmm, I'm shocked. Could it be we have a same interest? I have all the FFFB's comics.

    And I should think so, unless they are adopted or kidnapped.
  13. No GH MOM as in the little old lady!!
    I'll check which issues she's in later....... :wink:
  14. Charleys War, what a fantastic strip, got me into the history of WW1. Very graphic, wouldn`t get away with it today. To see what all the fuss is about, follow the link:

  15. I'm glad Qman9193 mentioned Union Jack Jackson etc. I too was a warlord secret agent (and a fireball agent) - great at the time, but very sad looking back now!
    Can anyone remember who was Warlords German opposite? Cant have been Warlords nemesis, as he never beat Warlord- Sir Peter Flint? Is that right? God, this is getting scarily sad!

    All that said, bring back good old Brit war comics. It can't do any harm to the kids of today - not with Medal of Honor, Armageddon and all those kinds of console games kids play these days. (Hell, kids might even learn something about our history, coz they don't learn any of it at school!)