WAR: Canadian Style

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, May 24, 2006.

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  1. http://michaelyon-online.com/media/pdf/war_canadian_style_toronto_star.pdf

    What would be their destination point only Allah knows.

    It seems to me that they generally ignore this of course very true fact.

    Canadian soldiers should be tireless because the bomb planters should be tired first.
  2. It is a sad state of affairs (not a Prescott story) that so much comes out through that fcuker Michael Yon.

    A definite candidate for this year's Wurlitzer Prize.
  3. RTFQ


    I'd rather see him get it than one of the normal procession of sycophants, narcissists and businessmen we normally see. He may not be the most impassive of journalists, but he bought his own ticket and writes what he sees instead of what his editor wants to hear. What's that 'I' word again? In...Integ...no it's gone. If the web contained more like him then maybe the payrolled, cowardly clown show that is modern news reportage would die a death at last.
  4. Intensely as in intensely annoying.
    He spouts shite but if that's what people want to hear.
    I might add, I am NOT a member of his fan club.
    Definite Wurlitzer Prize candidate.
  5. RTFQ


    Fair one, he's displays the kind of overwrought emotions common amongst journeymen in such theatres (or "war zones" if they wish), but as you said yourself, he's rapidly becoming one of the major conduits for detailed information on what's happening to the guys and girls out there. As such he's proving more successful than many of the major players who are too busy procuring CP and feeding agendas to actually do their job. I'm more than happy to read his stuff, assess and factor-in his biases and compare it to others, because it's actually got information in it. Which is rare nowadays.
  6. What's your beef with him? (I admit I've only read a few of his articles).
  7. We've already had a Michael Yon slagging thread.

    If you like him fine, I suppose it all boils down to taste.

    He has the journalistic merits of an earwig, is so far up his own arrse he needs to be surgically removed every time he talks. He spouts shite from every orifice and he doesn't let the truth get in the way of a good story. I agree he's not bound by any organisation but I would nominate several organisations to bind (and gag) him and fcuking bury him.

    If you want off the cuff bollox then he's your man. The photos are suspect and he's mates with Bruce Willis. Please do not ever confuse information with bollox because he does. He must have bollox to repeatedly churn out his shite but then he has a personal agenda and its as fcuking big as his ego. The agenda involves stardom and zillions of dollars, the usual ultimate goals of a so called journalist. Maybe if he wrote in English, sorry hoping too much.

    Apart from that I have no argument with him and I repeat an ideal candidate for the Wurlitzer Prize.

    But that's just MY opinion.
  8. Well, I know the guy. I think he's the real deal. The guys from Deuce Four think he is also (the unit he was embedded with). He's became an aquaintance of Bruce Willis when Willis was visiting troops (outside the wire even, which few celebrities would ever do). I'll admit that I'm a bit concerned about him selling prints of the photos. However, he uses some of the money to pay for travel and protective gear.

    He's not exactly a journalist, in fact, he's said that himself. He's a writer, not a reporter, and he's quick to admit that. Also, he's lashed out at some of his former "allies" in the media for their bias (right-wing columnists and radio hosts who don't approve of his criticism of Rummy). He's written about the mistakes, about issues.

    That's my perspective. mistersoft, I see what you mean on some points. If you want I can PM you his e-mail so you can tell him your concern. He's pretty open to constructive criticism.
  9. The US military respects the guy because he is a BTDT. He spent alot of time in special ops and in fact in the incident that the Deuce Four CO was hit he picked up a weapon and did what needed to be done to keep Kurilla from being killed. His picture's are great,you wont see stuff like that from the Kabul or Baghdad bound media.
  10. Ok, now let's talk about the Canadians.
  11. Article from Helmand Province

    For those who can't be arrsed to follow the link, here is some of his wisdom.

    Some years ago, I was walking briskly in a Thai city, and when I turned a corner I ran straight into a large elephant

    Drunken elephants have actually killed hundreds of people in India , and someday I plan to write about them, but now isn’t the time—I didn’t see a single elephant in Iraq.

    The workers in Dubai are not in that class. They are ever-so upwardly mobile, only the rungs on their ladders are so close together that by the time the workers die, despite the persistence of their climbing, they might have reached the roof of a tiny house.

    There were other thuds nudging me awake, until finally I stirred to breakfast and heard distant automatic weapons fire. I was walking by the tents of the 1st Infantry Division soldiers who are starting to leave Iraq when I noticed a young soldier pointing at me.

    He is actually pished off that he can't enter for the Pullitzer Prize. As he's never written for a serious publication (ie joined up writing), he is ineligible.
    And he actually thinks he deserves to win it. There is hope for us all.

    I personally think there are two Michael Yons. One does sometimes report fairly accurately in a style that could on a good day pass off as journalism. The other has the IQ of a privet hedge, has some form of substance abuse problem and has great difficulty in stringing a simple sentence together but is still allowed to publish.

    I have nothing against an amateur doing what he does but his ego does seem to have tripped him up on the good intentions he might have started with. There are photos that you might not see elsewhere but I would question some of them as the Helman Province Model Agency could only provide the one guy and he cropped up as a Taliban fighter and as a builder at the future UK base. Could be a coincidence, my failing eyesight or just a higher concentration of twins in that particular province. Of course he could have been undercover. No thanks to the offer of his email address, my socks need sorting alphabetically and not wishing to emulate his style, I didn't report it as a severe threat to the stability of Puma or dangerous undercover Reeboks threatening to suicide bomb me. Where is the phone number for that model agency? Maybe I could take some pictures as well.

  12. Good to get a little more clarification. Christ for a while there I thought he'd kicked your dog or run off with your girlfriend, or both.
  13. The final straw was getting home and finding he'd emptyed the Fridge of beer as well :)
  14. Anyway, the Canadians, let's talk about them.