War as Holiday?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. While looking something up on the Jeruselem Post website, I came across this rather odd advert:


    While I suppose it's a fund-raising/propaganda jolly for American tourists, I'm a little dubious about the morality of:

    Note to ghost_us before he starts: this isn't me being anti-Semitic, I just think the whole concept's a bit odd and unsavoury.
  2. Bit dodgy dont tell des browne or there will a guest block in bastion :D
  3. I think Hamas should do the same - think of the money they could raise! :roll:

    Actually, wonder how much this costs?
  4. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Next time someone asks you to organise a battlefield tour make one phone call and the job is done.

    Kevin B, Hamas would undoubtedly make a fortune doing this. Probably by kidnapping the participants and threatening to behead if they don't get a sizeable ransom.
  5. It's not new, sad to say. I seem to remember the sieges of Sarajevo and Dubrovnik attracting weekend besiegers from rump-Yugoslavia and Serb-held Bosnia to stag on in the trenches and fire a few rounds at the enemy. Do a bit bit of posing, some photos to impress the birds with and then it's back home for slivo and medals.
  6. TA blokes have been doing this for, well, the last 5 yrs...
  7. There was a UK based holiday company that used to specialise in holidays to nasty places. I haven't seen them recently. They probably got their client base killed.
  8. No, they wouldn't have to behead anyone to make a mint. They just need to appeal to some wealthy Arabs, as this arsinine expedition appeals to some weathy Zionists.
  9. and Mostar and Goražde and Bihac and Gorji Vakuf and........

    Not just 'rump Yugos' either a fair few from all over.
  10. Is Mossad desperate for recruits or is Israel desperate for tourists? Or maybe support for Israeli policies is wilting in America?
  11. They like the American money is what it is, mate. Don't worry, no wilting of support for the '51st' state - American politicians are too afraid of AIPAC and the evangelical Christians.
  12. Hunting on humans? That's sick!
  13. Very popular amongst the Germans during the Balkan wars by all accounts.
  14. Here's the Russian poet Limonov squeezing off a few rounds at the besieged locals in (very good) doc Serbian Epics: http://youtube.com/watch?v=kcCFJAfLTJE
  15. We got paid for it though 8) . And got the authentic hurry up and wait
    experince thrown in for free :D .