War Artist In Iraq - opinions please?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by creme_brulee, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. I would just like some honest opinions on this - Its due to go on display later this month. The image of someone close to me is due to be included in this piece, not by my choice. The idea of remembering the dead is so important, however i personally feel there could be more respectful ways than a sheet of stamps in a cupboard.

    "The product of Mc-Queen's efforts - an oak cabinet of drawers, each containing a sheet of 168 stamps bearing the image of a British soldier killed in the conflict - offers a confrontation with the human consequences of war. In the process, McQueen unsettled IWM. When he asked to be allowed to contact the bereaved families for photos to use on the stamps, the museum supported the Ministry of Defence's conclusion that this may cause distress."

    Open to comments though.... could i be interpreting it wrongly?



    I am aware that i've posted this in Current Affairs, if the mods feel it would be better elsewhere, please move!

  2. If photos of someone that you care for are to be shown, you should have been consulted, and should have a veto.
  3. The trouble with all the things like this is you wonder sometimes if they are "honouring" the dead or using them to make a political point. Hard to be sure a lot of the time.
  4. Remembering the dead is always a complex issue. In one respect anything that reminds civpop of their sacrifice is worth it, however upsetting greiving relatives is not a good start.

    Leaving the above aside, I like McQueen's concept but it is somehow impersonal.

    The most poigant memerial I saw was at Arlington, VA. It was just a picture of the serviceman and pack of his favourite cigarettes next to it...... for me that really hit home.
  5. My bold. And a pocketful of green stuff, and I don't mean cabbage.
  6. have been consulted, however his next of kin have agreed to include it without really knowing much about the details. they are currently reconsidering their decision but have asked me to find out the general feeling of army types...

  7. jailorinumqasr wrote:

    My bold

    That was my first reaction too.

    edited to add bold.
  8. I don't like it, IMHO it does not appear to respect our fallen comrades and I don't think it sets out to show any respect either.
  9. I'm not convinced. Stamps (paper) are ephemeral. A stone monument will last for much longer.

  10. Sixty

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    On the other hand Bugs, it doesn't seem particulary derogatory either?

    I just think it's bland, to be honest.
  11. Maybe it's just me but if this is to honour our dead why is McQueen getting his name all over the place? Surely a memorial to those lost should be more concerned with the names of the dead than with the name of the 'artist'. When i look at the local memorials it is the names of those lost that I see, not the names of those who built them. This IMHO is as it should be. So that's my gripe with his piece.
  12. I agree. I feel a objection based on suitability is likely to carry more weight than one based on aesthetics, despite the fact that it is crap.
  13. Not at first glance, but I think it is. Whatever it's meant to say and I know I could be misreading it, it doesn't say respect to me.
  14. TBH I thought it was a map chest
  15. Maybe I'm looking too deeply, but it appears to me that there is some social commentary with the cabinet: the fallen are brought out when it suits a purpose, the rest of the time they're filed away and forgotten about by the masses.