War And Peace Show 2005

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Sleeper_service, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. Once again the monster that is "The War And Peace Show" looms on the horizon. For those outside the loop, its the biggest militaria exhibition in the world, and so much more besides. It is being held, as usual, at "The Hop Farm Country Park" Beltring in Kent from 20th to the 24th of July. Sorry, but I dont have a link to the site, but a quick Google should see you right. FYI, I have no connection with the event, other than the fact that I spent a week there last year, and loved it. What can I say?, 3500+ vehicles, 1000 stalls, 3 bars, nightly (and daily for that matter) p*ss-ups for those staying on site. Things can get a little surreal at times, last year, the Waffen SS re-enactment group revealed their true colours (pink presumably) by demonstrating their incredibly camp, but downright hilarious dance routines at the 70s disco night. Laugh?, I nearly cleared the teams bar tab!
  2. War & Peace 2005 ???
  3. As a local, I decided to take the family to this thing once, in 2005. Me, Ms CombatCare and four little CombatCarers cost £90 for entry!
  4. Alternatively, it's a lot of unroadworthy and slow moving shite clogging up the busy summer roads to assemble at a giant walt-fest with some deeply questionable reenactment going on. Worse still, it de-camps to Normandy every few summers and makes a nuisance of itself over there too.

    Some idiot round my way holds the Wiltshire Steam Fair right at the bottom of a hulking great hill. You can imagine how popular that is. Luckily it was rained off this year.
  5. Gallery
    Now will she be there this year? As seen in veterans tent including some rather dodgy removers of clothes. I would say strippers but well... I'll let you judge
    Click on the linky thing to view
  6. Why has this guy on the right got a snorkel on his head? Advantage for under water knife fighting?

  7. Bloody hell, Afghan isnt even over yet theyre 're-enacting' it already.
  8. DSC_1765.jpg

    this one tried to get picture but thingy wouldn't load. She is in the 2011 album in the veterans tent bit.
  9. The Vietnamese guys are always there... Rolling Thunder I think they're called. They do a pretty decent show. Some of the reenactors are pretty dedicated to getting things absolutely spot-on- The German troops tend to always be very well turned out and put on a decent show for the public.

    I've done my time at the show as a marshal (2001 to 2007), and might wander back to it next year to see my mates again.

    Yep, there are always Walts there, but there are a load that are there to have fun, dress in kit, play with military vehicles, have a few beers and chill out. One year, there was a motorbike and side car driving round with Hitler, Stalin and Churchill on it...
  10. I found Bovington to be pretty impressive, W&P is full of nutters, Horizon did a thing about the nazis a few years ago.

  11. Bovington is mostly static displays and "read it yourself" information. At least at W&P you get to see the vehicles doing what they do best (and occasionally worst, as in the 432 that fell into a deep puddle on the off-road course and got stuck at a 45 degree angle) and can speak to the owners to get the history of the vehicles too.

    From my mates' pics, I think I'm rather glad I'm not there this year, since it's pretty wet underfoot. Under knee in some places...
  12. French resistance girl from `allo `allo ?
  13. Well, plenty of walty types there today. A commodore with more medals than the baron, plus the LoF had a tent.
  14. Much like the TA, I don't think that this event attracts socially inept, sexual predators at all.

  15. Interesting, I have on occasion thought to got to the war and peace show, but the short bit of documentary has put me right off.

    Would you be allowed to put on a display of striped pyjama'd 're-enactors' being showered and gassed, or authentically dressed civilians being made to dig trenches, prior to being neck shot (either Nazi or NKVD)? I think not.

    I would wear DPM for gardening, and possibly to the shops, I wore it for a while, TA, but I wouldn't dream of buying new uniform for that purpose, I have a whole loft full of old stuff, used if useful, given away if someone else can use it.

    The re-enactors I met at museums tended to be into the period, from ancient to modern, and knowledgeable about their timeframe, these people seem to be sad that they missed the glory glory days of 41-43, I would doubt that any of the German female types put themselves up for the liberation of Berlin, or play the 'Beast of Buchenwald'.

    They are a weird bunch, Hugo Boss has a lot to answer for, mind you so does IG Farben and IBM.