War [and other] movies youd like to see made

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Magic_Mushroom, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. Is everyone else as downright fed up (and frankly insulted) at the way modern films fail to recognise British forces, yet heap praise upon the US military? 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Memphis Bell' and 'U571' all relegate our military contribution to bit parts. Imagine for a moment therefore, that you were a film director, with a blank cheque, and no hang ups about political correctness. What aspects from British military history do you think warrant a movie? Let me start with a few suggestions of my own:


    The attack by RN Midget submarines on Japanese cruisers at Singapore in July 1945.


    The Battle of the Imjin, Korea in April 1951 involving The Gloucester Regt.


    The Bomber Command Offensive in WWII (Not the whole of it. Just maybe focusing on a typical raid).

  2. The Falklands


    Then another Red Caps lol ;)
  3. Good topic M2 , always wanted to see Len Deighton's "Bomber" turned into a film, I believe Speilberg has taken an option on "Goodbye Mickey Mouse"


    Ludovic Kennedys Father holding off Scharnhorst and Gneiseau in the equivalent of the Isle of Wight Ferry. Killed in Action , VC awarded. While the action seemed futile, it did force Scharnhorst and Gneiseau back to port, as the Royal Navy now knew where they were


    Air Force

    The Battle of the Bridges , May 1940, as the RAF tried to stop Rommel and Guerdian on the way to Dunkirk, with the Fairey Battle and Blenheim squadrons losing horrendous numbers of aircraft and aircrews on a totally futile cause.

    Or possibly, the last great airbattle over Athens,during the retreat from Greece in '41 when 14 Hurricane Pilots , including Roald Dahl , took on 200+ German Bombers and Fighters. None of them thought they were coming back , but they had to (Quote dahl) "put on a good show for the locals"


    Chindit Operations , or something featuring the 14th Army, maybe a biopic of Bill Slim?

    There is one film that does need making that combines Army, Navy and Air Force , and that's Dieppe 1942 Operation "Jubilee"


    Heroic efforts by all concerned, including the RAF fighting their most intense single battle of the whole war, the Navy coming in to drop and take off troops under a hail of fire and the Royal Marines , British Army Commandos , American Rangers (So it still might get made) and of course, the Canadians. I was amazed to find out from some of the Canadians I've worked with, that the entire Dieppe battle , is a "Must teach" in Canadian history classes in schools and colleges. They fought, bled and died on a 2 mile strip of beach, so valuable lessons could be learned for D-Day , and of course, for every amphibuous Op since
  4. They should make a film about an alcoholic retired Col working as a mercenary. Hired by a copper baron, to seize an imprisoned African president from a rebel tribe.

    They could recruit three more officers and RSM a medic and 50 other ranks in the UK and group and train in Swaziland.

    One of the officers could have a young son in Private school with an outrageous name due to his mother being French..... Imagine the torture of him being separated from his son over the Christmas period when they should be in Val dis'are skiing.

    Once the plan is approved and some great outtakes of the training camp.. They could parachute, without Oxygen from 25'000ft into an area nearby the holding area.

    They should obviously split in two, one group going to seize the airfield to secure a safe LZ for the pickup C-130 the other go in and in swift and sharp movements seize the dying President..... perhaps having a slightly camp medic to administer medicine.

    On arrival back at the Airfield, the swarve and sophisticated cool cookie Lt can talk in the pickup aircraft..Say with callsigns, iron man and Wild goose.


    When the C-130 lands, slip the camera back to London and show the Copper baron doing a deal with someone else and saving himself a wages bill for 55 Mercenaries. The C-130 could then pass by the now mentally defeated Mercs on the ground and we could have them ducking to avoid the wash of the Herc.

    Now feeling double crossed the Lt Col...who could be played by Richard Burton could request that Raiffer.....say Richard Harris should 'Plan our way out of hear' after an inspirational speech about being double crossed.

    Feeling stitched and angry they make their way south as all other directions are out of the question, they encounter stiff resistance all the way, but being British and having an ability to fire LMG Bren guns from he hip they will persevere, maybe even finding a cranky Irish clergyman in a field............ who could incidentally know where there is an old Dakota on an abandoned airstrip.

    They can get the aircraft going and the remainder of the gang can struggle under fire to reach the taxiing aircraft...... as a final act of despair Raiffer who can't reach the aircraft could request his CO and best pal to shoot him as he can't catch up...... Alan Faulkner could do this with his Own Uzi...

    The aircraft will inevitably run out of fuel and the President will die in transit.

    The film could end with the CO extracting his revenge with a silenced PPK and taking money from his safe to widows, and then go the private school and pick up the toffee nosed kid whom he'd promised his life long pal he would look after.

    All in all it would make a cracking movie, I would have Richard Burton, Richard Harris, stewart Grainger, Hardy Kruger and Roger Moore in the Film and would have characters going by the names, Witty, Sandy, tosh etc etc... I would fill it with cheesy clichés and make it watchable to the drunken squaddie over and over again.

    I would also get Joan Armatrading to make a tear jerking song for the title music and call it 'Sad are the Eyes'

    I would call my movie Wild Geese and have drawn a couple of pictures of the case of the front cover :D

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  5. All good ideas above. Allied Artists Studio (if they still exist) might even be interested in that Africa thing.

    How about a mini-series for TV or “franchise” style series of movies about 3 Commando in WW2? Perhaps along the lines of “Band of Brothers” or “The Longest Day” (if they'd broken it into the 3 movies it should have been).

    They were organized from scratch by an officer (Lt-Col John Dunford-Slater DSO) who went from captain one day to Lt-Col the next, having to deal with former superiors, now subordinates, etc, etc. They were at Vaagso, Dieppe and Normandy. Brig. Peter Young was an original member. Plenty to deal with there.

    The same thing could be done with the British section of “Drop Zone Normandy” by Lt Gen. Sir Napier Crookenden KCB, DSO, OBE, DL. Or “The Big Drop”, about 9 Para and Merville Battery.

    Why don’t one of you Arrses come up with a synopsis, treatment or even a script and submit it to a producer? I see that my friend Shotgun is a writer, asking for interesting anecdotes. Here’s another line of work. What are they going to say? No? So what? Move to the next one (their e-mail/snail addresses are all easily found). It works, believe me. The rejecters usually even give you tips on improving your script or pitch.

    MM: I don’t think the movie producers intended to insult you or anyone else (well, maybe some Jerries or Nips). With all due respect, I’d say that the reason all those US-centered movies are out there is because someone wrote scripts that were used by US movie types to produce US movies that will make them American money in the US (my apologies if this sounds sarcastic. It’s not intended). It’s a job, not a cause. There may also be more old US equipment around to use (remember all those M-48 "Tigers" in “Battle of the Bulge”?).

    I think right now UK-centric movies would work here. Just look at “Master And Commander.” Remember, as Busterdog has said, Americans are impressed with “…the motherf*cker with the James Bond voice.”
  6. This could lead to a brilliant spin off TV series - unless the Yanks get in First and ruin it. They would call it , Z Force ..... O Group....no I have it The A Team
  7. To compare Wild Geeese to the A team is unforgivable, wash your mouth out!

    The only thing they have in common is a tolken black man and the main men are both dead

    In the Ateam, when did you ever here anyone say...'Lt Finn..that was ludicrous, you're jumping from an aeroplane not a whore house window'

    or 'Those of you who don't know me are in for a great big f**ing surprise, those of you who do know me are in for an infinatley more horrible time than they can care to rememer'
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    When I was a nipper I always thought Longest Day didn't show enough of the beach scenes - clearly Spielberg agreed with me and so we got Saving Private Ryan.

    I have a similar criticism for the WW1 movies (that I have seen) when compared with the books (I have read), and whilst it would be the ultimate insult to have America turn up and win WW1 in 1917 I would like to see a Spielberg or Scott movie (as opposed to, say Cameron) do justice to that awful war, obviously the situation doesn't lend itself to an easy movie to make (scene 1, the trench, scene 2, the trench, scene 3, the trench etc) and would rely lots on the script (ahhh, bugger, all the good script writers are dead now) but it would be nice to have a decent modern movie, so that, in case anyone has forgotten, they can see exactly what a world war 1 battlefield looked like. There's loads of archive footage available apprently (anyone know anything on this).

    The recent movie The Trench was awful and I was dissipointed to see it, the problem is, that if it had been successful then hollywood could have been persuaded into making another movie with a bigger budget but it would appear that instead it was the nail in the coffin...
  9. How about making the book of 'Pegasus Bridge' by Stephen Ambrose into a Mini series of Movie?

    How about one of the stories out of 'the operators' or 'one up' turned into a movie.

    or a factual fly on wall documentry with an episode on each of the army arms and services. Or following a unit on op deployment to gulf or balkans and keep the press minders out of the way.
  10. "Pegasus Bridge" a Green Jacket battle honour. The producers would probably have the paras doing it to sex it up a bit.
  11. Apparently the Yanks are rewriting history again, this time with Tom Cruise playing the part of an American pilot in the Battle of Britain. He saves us from the Hunn, but in reality the bloke he is portraying only had 7 take offs. Six knackered landings and 1 engagement, what a tosser!
  12. All top ideas above,
    PTP, Len Deighton's 'Bomber' would indeed make a superb subject for a film. Historically accurate, and extremely hard hitting in the way so many seperate lives become affected by the events of just one raid. Also agree with the RAF attacks aginst the bridges over the Albert Canal. All 6 Battles dispatched were shot down, and the first 2 RAF VCs of the war were awarded posthumously to Fg Off Donald Garland and his observer Sgt Thomas Gray. In an appalling act of rank snobbery however, Garland's radio operator, LAC LR Reynolds recieved no award whatsoever.

    Likewise, the Chindits and Dieppe would also be excellent material.

    I understand that American money and scripts will be thrown into films for American audiences. What frustrates me is that the BBC are willing to fund Band of Brothers (excellent as it was) but have not done a similar British orientated WWII drama. In fairness, I can't remember who did the superb 'Warriors' BH drama of a few years back however; BBC or ITV.

    Anyway, here's a few more suggestions:

    The 'Channel Dash' by the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst, where 6 obsolete RN Swordfish torpedo bombers and 10 RAF Spifires attacked a huge German naval force escorted by hundreds of aircraft. None of the RN aircraft returned, and the only 5 survivors were awarded 4 DSOs and a CGM while the leader Lt Cdr Eugene Esmonde, was awarded a posthumous VC.

    Or what about the attack on the German cruiser Adm Hipper by HMS Glowworm in Norway in 1940 which again resulted in a VC?

    The Battle of Taranto.

    The Battle of Mirbat during the Dhofar War.

    The Battle of Monte Cassino.

    Any WWI subject.

    The precision attack by RAF Mosquitoes on the SS HQ at Amiens.

    The initial defence of Malta by 4 RAF flown Sea Gladiators, 'Faith', 'Hope' and 'Charity' (plus one other that wasn't named!).

    The defence of Habbaniyah, Iraq against a German sponsored uprising in 1941 by a motly collection of RAF trg and second line aircraft.

  13. What about (and this should get a few back in here :lol: ) anyway what about a real "Dads army film" showing the fire brigade, AP's,ambulance service, police force and all the "old folk" of Londom who dealt with the blitz................................. or has it been done yet?

    Dont think so not portraying the actual reality.

    Just a thought.
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    There was that brit version of the enigma machine which I thought was quite good, that covered a fair bit of London...

    Or that time travel series with the Only Fools and Horses guy....
  15. Good suggestion Tigger,

    There is a small part in the 'Battle of Britain' where the civilian fire and rescue teams are shown in action during the night blitz (including the river tenders), but these guys remain very unsung.

    I also seem to remember from my dim and distant youth a dodgy 1970's drama called 'Danger UXB'. Although it focused on Army bomb disposal, I recall a fair bit in that about the civilian rescue services. I think it starred Anthony Andrews and some blonde totty (Judy Geeson?).