War and Medicine exhibition at Wellcome Collection

We've just received this by email and I thought it might interest some of you medical types ...

War and Medicine
22 Nov 2008 - 15 Feb 2009

The second of two exhibitions devised in collaboration with the Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Dresden, War and Medicine will assess the impact and influence that warfare and medicine have had on each other. How has mankind's desire to repair and heal tried to keep pace with its capacity to maim and kill? This exhibition will feature the perspectives of artists, writers and filmmakers as much of those of medical scientists and social historians. There will be a programme of accompanying events and tours. http://www.wellcomecollection.org/warandmedicine
It would also appear that Wellcome Collections offer free guided tours for groups of up to 20. I've got the contact details so if you are interested in this Drop me a PM and I'll pass them on.
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