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War and Conflict

In the US, war is must be declared by Congress - however, to get around this requirement, the executive branch often deals in 'conflicts'.
iam not a C .U . N .T. IAM A NICE PERSON JUST PISSED OFF WITH THE POLITIONS AND THE WORDS THEY USE TO DESCRIBE WAR /TERROISM, (this isnt the crab but his other half) I have children and yes iam scared but not beaten, at least in the 70s we had the cold war we knew where we stood. God only knows now...................
IndianaDel said:
crabthebuilder said:
Just to let you know we have had a family debate over this all night,
Oh how the long Winter nights must just fly by!
I am trying to picture what this 'family debate' would look like.

The closest I can get is a bunch of over excited chimpanzee's throwing their freshly secreated dung at each other.

Whats that frantic tapping I hear?Oh it must be a Mod's delete key going turbo.

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