War Against The Jews

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Themanwho, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Hell yes, bomb Jerusalem!

  2. Hell no, bomb Jerusalem!

  3. I like kosher food and circumcision. Mazeltof!

  1. Did anyone else catch this programme on C4 last night?

    Very interesting stuff, and considering the presenter was Richard Littlejohn (who has the presentational skills of an Air Cadet after his first flight), a well put together and concerning programme.

    The main premise of the programme is that this is the worst time to be a British Jew since Mosely's Blackshirts were on the prowl in the 30s. Now, not only the far right are on their case, but also the muslims (not just the extremists, either) and on their coat-tails the left winger Guardianistas.

    One thing Littlejohn said was quite revealing; as soon as he was going to do this programme, the first reaction of people he told was to say "Oh, I didn't realise you were Jewish". He isn't, but the assumption seems to be that only a Jew would make a programme about persecution of Jews in Britain. Would the same assumption be made about a programme about racist attacks against another cultural / racial group?

    How do Arrsers feel about this reported persecution of British Jews?

    (edited to add: No I'm not Jewish either)
  2. I think its bollocks.
  3. Thanks. I assume you're only saying that because your mum was scared by a rabbi once. Unless you wish to expand on your point?
  4. Jews are no more "persecuted" in the UK than Muslims are.

    Of course there are some anti-Semites, of various political persuasions. There are also people who are anti-Zionist, or who simply disagree with current Israeli policies, but while it's probably accurate to say that all anti-Semites are anti-Zionist it does not mean that everyone who criticises Israel is an anti-Semite.

    There is no systematic persecution of Jews in this country, and certainly no "war" against them.
  5. I saw it, quite a good programme (considering, as you said, who presented it). I don't think the situation is any worse than other ethnic groups or religions have got it. Orthodox jews or those wearing the Kippah skull caps might get comments and abuse but do they get more than any other person who sticks out? (I'm not condoning it) I'm not sure if there is a mass movement of people avoiding Marks n' Sparks, Amstrad or any Jewish linked company - other than mindless bellends like the BNP and C18. I'm sure if we looked at Somlians, Poles, Russians et al you could see persecution of some sort.
  6. It had me sold, I'm going to buy more bagels just to piss off my Guardianistas friends.
  7. Well - I did watch it.

    I think lefty PC arrseholes who carry placards saying sh1te like "we are all Hezbollah now" need to take a look at what the organisation stands for, and then take a long hard look in the mirror.

    In response I think that Britains Jewry might be a touch guilty of oversensitivity, but equally PC types need to take a long hard look at the organisations they support.

    Hezbollah FFS.

    *Goes and sticks on Yentl* :)
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Shame on you for having any.
  9. So the BNP hate Jews and so do Extremist Muslims, yet the BNP hate Muslims too... am confused, isn't that abit of common ground to work on for them?! I mean an arabic translation of Mein Kampf?! So what suddenly extremist muslims and the BNP, both on extreme opposite sides of the spectrum share the same ideas?!

    Was surprised at the school which looked like a mini-fort, and how anti semetic violence is never reporeted on mainstream news.
  10. Precisely. A disagreement with Israeli policy isn't anti-semitism but it is getting very hard to voice criticism of israel without people shouting 'anti-semitism' at the top of their voices. This is known as the 'victim-complex'.

    Hence I think the allegation that there is a 'war on jews' is complete bollocks.

    If there is a war on jews, then there is a war on muslims, ethnic minorities, etc etc
  11. Jews. Source of amusement to us all. There's really nothing wrong with them (my girlfriend happens to be a jew, and she's one of the best people I've ever had the good fortune to meet (you can hardly tell she's got horns), same goes for most of her family) and I've never been able to understand why people didn't like them. Even if they're attracted to wealth like flies to sh1t. Me and my mates will blame the jews for anything and everything (long before Borat was doing it) but at the same time, poker nights with Judah (my gf's daddums) and his like minded cohorts (did I say cohorts? I meant friends) are some of the best times I have. I wouldn't say they are particularly persecuted these days, although one of the reasons I'm so fond of them is their utter resilience to continue despite the determined efforts of a few. I struggle to think of any time in the last couple of thousand years when someone hasn't been giving them a hard time of it.

    Given the pool of major religions these days, if I ever did decide to switch sides, then in the immortal words of Dr Bob Kelso: "Snip my pickle and call me Schlomo."

    Judaism: The little religion that could.
  12. Lucky guys those jews are...they can join the IDF!!!

    Check out the thread with the hot IDF women!
  13. I'm sick of it, the same people who protest so hard for the cause of other races and religion are the worst offenders.

    It seems quite acceptable to be openly racist towards the jews on this forum for example.

    The news media are some of the worst offenders in demonising isreal, google pallywood or green helmet man , also read biased BBC blog and read about orla guirin.

    For example, the famous shot of the Isreali school girls signing shells, it was actually western news media that put them up to it.
  14. As a quick glance at the letters page of any broadsheet will show, many Jews defend Israel even when her actions are indefensible. By doing so, they create an atmosphere where Israel and British Jewry are linked ever closer in the public mind- which, given the Israelis consistently act like sh1ts, does them little good, IMHO.

    A large part of my Master's dissertation was on right-wing US newspapers' claims of rising anti-Semitism among the European Left. When examined, the claims were ridiculous and the 'incidents' quoted unlikely.
  15. The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police was fairly convinced that Jews were having a harder time of it than other racial religious groups on his patch; something that was backed up by the level of security on the Jewish Primary school there, complete with bullet proof windows and 12 foot high security fencing, along with regular terrorist attack drills for the kids.