War Against Democracy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MikeMcc, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. Given Al-Zarqwai's comments on democracy:

    "We have declared a bitter war against the principle of democracy and all those who seek to enact it"

    and his groups actions in attcking Shia civilians (even copying Spam tactics of taking out wedding parties), does anyone else think that he has probably shot himself in the foot over this and will probably end up with the same fate as Uday Hussain?
  2. Well, if he's shot himself in the foot over this, he's going to fall over, 'cos he's only got one leg.
  3. Forgot that - oh well, here's to hoping (or is that hopping!) :twisted:

  4. In an environment where Islamic law has primacy (though that probably means not in Iraq) it can be argued that there is no place for democracy. God has given His rules to humanity and for an individual who believes in God this means that the rules have to be followed. In certain cases Allah has ring fenced the punishments as inviolate and belonging to Him – an example of this would be the amputation of thieves’ hands – and thus any attempt to liberalise or Westernise these laws is in direct confrontation with the expressed will of God.

    In a universe where God’s rules are extant – and they are for Muslims in the Qur’an – any suggestion that governments should be chosen by people and should then make their own laws, suggests that human choice and human decisions are being put above the decisions and choices of God. In Islam this is shirk – a denial of the primacy and unity of Allah. Shirk is the only thing that Allah will not forgive and as such is to be avoided at all costs.

    There are two points which come out of these facts;

    1. It is fine for people to live under democratic law, even arguably for Muslims themselves to live under democratic rule so long as it is not imposed over the top of a previously existing Shariah system. (Though, admittedly, it is argued by some that it is the duty of all Muslims to strive for a universal acceptance of the shariah)

    2. Arguably the actions of those extremist Muslims taking the fight to the infidel are themselves committing shirk since the actions of the hijackers on 9/11 could be seen as putting hatred of America above love of Allah.
  5. Let those with ears hear... a 'new covenant' exists which IS THE

    It's expressed in the Bible's New Testament...King James Version:

    John 3:16

  6. "And the meek shall inherit the earth"(if the rest of you don't mind,that is)
  7. Which is all well and good unless the chap you're refering to was just the penultimate prophet and not the Son of God, a circumstance which many (about 1.2 Billion at the last count) would have you believe since Allah can have no compeer or equal to His status, "Nothing is as His likeness" (Surah 42:11)

    Oh, and which, taken far enough means that Christians are all mushriks (those who commit shirk) and are heading for a firey place as polytheists... doh!
  8. FEG sez:

    The 'Trinity' is but ONE. 'God' the Father... our creator...'Christ' who
    is God become flesh...our saviour...and the 'Holy Ghost'...the spirit of God...which IS the 'Living God'. (all the same...see?)

  9. "ONCE A SNAKEHANDLER,ALWAYS A SNAKEHANDLER The Glossolalia comes later :lol:(Sorry that's what we have ANYA for)
  10. Right on Mate


    ("Where's a Chaplin when ya need one?"

    (Praying for us all I hope)

  11. A CHARLIE CHAPLIN :lol: If that's a self portrait I can understand where you're coming from.Life must be bleak in the genetic cul-de-sac of the OZARK mountains wiyhout the warm fuzzy glow of religion(and the strumming of the banjo in the six-fingered hands of Cletus)
  12. Naw...that's a picture of my cousin...and his name IS Cletus!
    (how'd y'all no?)

    Man...Cletus don't 'strum'...his banjo HAS 5 strings and HE 'PICKS'em'!

    Up in the Ozarks...in addition to religion and banjo 'pick'in' we also go 'coon huntin'! (sort of like your 'fox hunting' only it's nightime and we use spot lights and run afoot...ahhh I can hear ole bessie bay'in now...)



  13. Forgive me I had forgotten the old expression"Cross eyed Banjo-pickin' white trash". :lol:

    Ain't nuthin' amiss with coon huntin' so longs you tree the right coon!!!! :twisted:
  14. Fine, I'm happy to play the Devil's (or Iblis') advocate for as long as it takes, but the point is that it is the individual's point of view which is important so far as interaction is concerned. One might be right, one might be wrong but the point of true religious fervour is that it admits of no contradiction. My point - and you're making it nicely - is that so long as one group, extremist Muslims, believe that democracy is unholy they are not going to lie down and accept it. You might consider that so long as another group considers evolution to be anathema it will not be taught in classrooms... Let's not forget that for the majority of Xn history 'democracy' was considered as tantamount to anarchy and the rule of the mob.
  15. Making fun of a strabismic huh?

    (kids are so krewl)