Wants to join the Royal Regiment of Scotland

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Scotsman, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. As you may guess by the title I want to join them being from Glasgow in Scotland and wanting to go infantry I am only 16 and in the process of my application hopefully get to ADSC soon and be in training for march next year.

    I know there is no choice anymore and it is down to the intake rotations and such however what I want to know is which battalion is best what I want is light role ruling out 4 Scots and 5 Scots will become a ceremonial battalion ruling them out so which would be the best choice distance from home isn't a problem so im not bothered about location just want to know from personal experience which battalion has the best soldiers.

    I heard a rumour that 2 Scots may be replacing 4 in Falling Bostel when they pull out this would be a definite plus for me if anyone could shine a light on it?
  2. King of Scotland - our nice man Alex, will ensure that the Royal Regiment is based in Scotland for ever following his plan for making Scotland into a look alike for Greece. Personally, if I was in market as a young man to join up, I would join an organisation with more potential - steer clear of Scot's units until after Oct 2014.
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  3. I did want to go engineers but a very long waiting list quickly shooting that option down anticipating the seperation. If he makes Scotland look like Greece I would be a very happy lad just a shame weather come with a price.
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  4. Have a Google on how Greece are doing on the economy front, RE is a good choice if you don't go infantry
  5. I know fail attempt at humour I guess meant looks as in physical not financial and I only wanted the trade I'm infantry at heart just forward thinking plus I am led to believe th resettlement gets you a trade anyway or a beginning of one ?
  6. Thought about the Scots Guards?
  7. If your heart is set on infantry crack on mate.
  8. Don't know much about them if I am honest just led to believe there is alot more marching and public duties which I am not to keen on however I know I will get them just don't want alot if you get me?
  9. It's the old cliche "Heart says infantry, head says engineers."
  10. They have an incremental company that does PD but the Bn is based in catterick at the moment so you might not do as much PDs as you'd think. But I don't know what their plans are for the future
  11. With the uncertainty caused by the king of scotland's posturing it's probably also worth considering the Scots Guards, The Parachute Regt and the Royal Marines if you are looking to go infantry.
  12. I'll need to do a little bit more looking into it then just the public display stuff really deterred me rumour has it they dont accept those with a face for radio anyways :wink:
  13. Who doesn't? There are some seriously ugly blokes in the Scots Guards
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  14. Would a scottish person in a mainly english regiment be a bad idea?
  15. For one I'm not fit enough for Marines or Paras and I'm casting doubts over scots guards hopefully I will have nothing to worry about