Wanting to switch from RMP

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by shurikenMarch, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I've just completed my CMS(R) (TA) and am going for my RMP trade training in September. But the more I hear about the RMP the less I want to be a part of it. I don't mind the usual "You wanna be a monkey? F*ck off! They're the most hated people in the Army!" but I've spoken to a lot of people about the RMP and only got one good response. The rest painted a picture of an arid career in Germany and the possibility of SIB just before you die of boredom.
    I just want to be more active.

    *Glances at forum title*

    Ah yes, Intelligence! I knew I was here for some reason...
    So a Regular friend of mine within the Corps suggested I transfer. To be honest, I was interested in the Corps when I was first handed that guide book in the TAC on military jobs but ever tried telling an infantry unit you're interested in intelligence...? They just gawked at me for a while and said I could either be a clerk, chef or a medic. Which is why I transfered to RMP. Which I thought was a good decision seeing as though I'm studying Forensic Science along with Criminal Investigation at uni. But alas...
    Anyway, this is starting to sound like a bloody synopsis of my Irregular Army career so...

    I was just wondering how I should go about it. Should I go along with my RMP training and transfer after that? Obviously I'd revert back to a private, I'm not looking for shortcuts here, just reckon that the more training the better.?
    And if anyone here is a recruiter in the TA, would you be pi$$ed off if a voluntary transfer who has been with you for no more than 4 months decided to sod off to another unit?

    Any other opinions are also welcome. =D

  2. F*ck sakes, I wish I'd written that! :rofl:
  3. Int Corps get a tape at Phase 2 training also.
  4. Phone 3MI or 5MI Bn (TA Int Corps) and ask for interview. You will likely have to attend a selection W/E. If you are deemed suitable request transfer from RMP

    3MI 0207 6113912 London

    5MI 01642 579159 everywhere outside London (North, South and NI)
    Trg Centres length & breadth of the UK
  5. Awwwww don't go, you sound such a good laugh and sooooo knowledgeable about RMP, I mean you have obviously done loads of research - we really want to keep you.
  6. Cheers guys.

    Forks - Thanks for that, I thought RMP were the only ones. Still, I'll probably get my rank slide from Int. as my unit is notorious for withholding them. My mate only just got hers a year after completing her Jack course.

    D_N - No, I haven't been in touch yet. I want to do more research into the Corps. first. Will probably email soon to get the ball rolling but I won't be able to come in for a while as I'm going back home for summer.

    subrosa -
    I've always been told it's more practiced to tell your current unit that you're thinking of transferring first out of courtesy. Or should I only tell them if I'm accepted at Int.?

    AFA -
    Is that sarcasm? Haha! Can never tell on these forums! o_O

  7. I wonder what could have taken the shine off things for the lad in just 4 months?
  8. I'm not too sure, probably the new red stable belt.
  9. *Lass

    The funny thing is, it hasn't even been one month yet! Officially, I transferred over at the end of May, but I'd been going to drill nights since about February to gain knowledge and show an interest.
    But I just find the unit really unorganised and I look at some of the recruits and think they need to be locked up. It's like some of them won their place in a raffle!
    And my Regular friend has had some dealings with the RMP (reporting crime may I add =P ) and he said the Lancy he was talking to said his job was really dull.
    And I want a challenge. Or at least a different challenge to that of having to put up with fellow soldiers who seem to be running on an empty tank.

    I think it's more that I've been sold on the Int. Corps rather than being completely put off by the RMP. Though, the thought of writing report after report after statement is pretty soul destroying...

  10. To be perfectly honest both RMP and INT CORPS are good jobs and worth doing in TA or regs. Don't be put off by one or two people either on here or in real life. If you are 50/50 then go visit a TA INT CORPS unit and look around and compare. I think you will find that LCpls in either organisation will find most of their job to be pretty dull.
  11. You are truly gifted. Ordinarilly, it takes RMP NCO's 12 years to reach that level of cynisism.
  12. subrosa -
    I've always been told it's more practiced to tell your current unit that you're thinking of transferring first out of courtesy. Or should I only tell them if I'm accepted at Int.?

    You may regret telling them, if you dont get through selection. 'Tech Selection' is far from a guaranteed pass. Others can probably advise further .......'over to you Reb'.
  13. you're missing the main selection criteria.

    which unit has the better bar?
  14. Ah! that could be a close run thing? WIS Londonderry 1989 and Watchdogs Rest, Airport Camp 1992 vs Greenfly Knox Rd Car park 1987 and a tent, undisclosed desert location, Christmas Day 1990!

    A little unfair actually as often the Monkey bar was the only one!

    Edited for even worse punctuation than usual!