wanting to rejoin but been living abroad

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by chris7033, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. hello

    i want to rejoin the army but i have been living in USA for 2 years and did not return to the uk until 9 months ago how will this effect me appling? will i need further security checks?

    thanks for any replies

  2. Why did you leave in the army in the first place?
  3. medical discharge but was told i could rejoin(i had lots of family issues etc)
  4. go to your local ACIO and see what they have to say?
    how long did you serve for & how long have you been out for?
    may also depend on your age etc?
  5. only 2 years passed phase 1 and 2 then had t leave i'v been out for 8 years i am 28. regretted it for them 8 years also
  6. I joined recently (Navy though) and Im sure I saw something along the lines of being a resident for the last 4 out of 5 years. I didnt really pay attention as it didnt apply to me. As said above though ask your ACIO( why not AFCO?) and good luck with it!
  7. Not much chance to be honest, they are trying to get rid of people, not take on blokes who got medically discharged 8 years ago!
  8. Have you thought of the TA as a route back?
    Could then go FTRS or a Tour?
    But at 28 with an ex-medical discharge your not likely to get back in!
  9. ACIO = Army Careers Information Office (offices just for Army)
    AFCO = Armed Forces Careers Office (offices for all armed forces)
  10. I would look at US service, they will throw in a passport and even college education if you are good.
  11. Hello.