Wanting to move from my sig sqn.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blueflossy, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. I'm considering moving from my Signal sqn and wondered what i can do with other capbages: Meaning can i move to another non-signals unit but keep my capbadge and trade. I'm a class 2 ICS Op. Or are there no call for this within other units?

    Just wanted some basic idea as searching for this on the internet is not showing up anything much!


  2. msr

    msr LE

    Which capbadge are you looking to move to?

  3. I don't mind but i wanted to try and keep my trade and badge. Do other units require Signallers? our unit has reme, rlc etc so can i move and still be RS?
  4. Most units, particularly HQ units, will look to accomodate you, aprticularly with your signaling skills.

    I went from RMP to RA and they let me keep my full screw on the premise that I passed the necessary courses in 2 years, and that was going in there with no recognisable trade other than the ability to whack pinstakes into the ground and wear a hi vis jacket a lot.
  5. Ah ok! thanks for that! will have to see what i can find HQ wise near me.

    I was just trying to find out some facts before word got back to my unit that i wanted out. If anyone knows anywhere i can call or anymore info it'd be greatly appreciated!

  6. RLC have driver radio ops ,try them if they are local
  7. Try RA too mate. They need plenty of signallers, they'll bite your hand off.
  8. Go Infantry, get a decent capbadge - and if you are good at comms you will be very welcome indeed.

    BTW why are you looking to change ? Personality clashes, pants training programme or what ?
  9. Personality clashes mainly. and the fact i've not yet seen a CR, and the training program seems to abandon you when your pass your class 3. Its just the Sqn with the problem the regt as a whole is not bad!

    Think its time to move and learn new stuff and new equipment.
  10. What sqn are you in ?
  11. I'm not giving all my vitals away! need to keep something in the bag!
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    If you are near London try the HAC, we have a sigs sqn, although you won't keep your cap badge you will be able to slot nicely into a decent role, a couple of others have transferred over recently and they love it.

  13. Any idea what you want to do Mate?

    What rank are you now?

    What area are you in?
  14. Did you do a comms weekend just gone :)
  15. Presumably quite a few Signal Squadrons did a comms weekend on the exercise just past! Have you broached the subject with your chain of command? Have you had an OCs interview about this? Any OC worth their salt will listen to your gripes and either address the issue, put you back in your box, or if all legitimate and unsolveable they will help you find a new capbadge!! So speak to your unit about this.