wanting to leave

i've been serving for a year and i still feel the army isnt for me, i've tried the whole give it time and patience it will get better. but it just isn't for me and now want to look at leaving.

is there anyway of doing this?, thank you and i look forward to your responses.

please no abuse i know i haven't been in long just dont feel it's for me anymore and want to pursue other things.


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Get a hold of a copy of the Queens Regulations from your Clerks office and have a look at the section on Dismissal, I think it was called.
It basically covers every single aspect of how someone can leave the army.

There are ways to get out through being an unhappy soldier, but it has to be done within a time frame and before a certain age. I came across it when I was reading it through boredom the other way.

All very interesting, and it's very clearly explained.

Then speak to your chain of command once you've got an idea of what category you fall under.

Good luck anyway. Sometimes the shoe just doesn't fit.

(Edit) Oh, but don't start saying "But in the Queens Regs it says..." or quoting from it. Just have a look to see if there is a category of dismissal you fall under.

(Edited Again)

Just found it. Page 9-70 Part 6 Termination of Service:

Cause of Discharge - No Longer Required for Further Serrvice for any Reason not otherwise specified:

Genuine or persistent unhappiness or discontent indicating that he is unlikely to achieve the motivation required to become a good solider.

Maybe that's your category?

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