wanting to leave the army

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by james124, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. hey ive been in now for 18 months and i really dont feel suited to military service and want to leave. Its a feeling ive felt for well over a year and when i could still DOAR i got convinced to give it a second chance. now though a year down the line i feel the same and stronger towards leaving and this really isnt for me, ive given this the time and consideration it needs and know what i want, just dont know what to do how i can go about leaving before my 4year point?

    id appreciate any advice anyone can give as i dont know how or what to do, i spoke to the chain of command and they said basically get on with it unfortunately for me how i feel means i cant just get on with it

    thank you
  2. In all seriousness, cocaine..lots of it..all weekend, throw in a couple of downers to get some kip on the Sunday, tip up at work in your civvies, fess up, await the inevitable....

    I only advise this as the fact you cant stick 4 years in a job suggests to me you are deserving of a life of petty theft, high rise living and dirty fingernails..
  3. don't know if this is a wah or not but... the army suits some people and some it does'nt , I spose if you go AWOL enough it'be Collie and a discharge to civvy st, easy enough.
  4. Guess who's been dicked for a tour.......
  5. You took the Queens Shilling matey, soldier on, do your time, do your tour and if you die, then at least you'll have a heroes homecoming.

    Or do you hold your manhood so cheap you would rather stag on in the dole queue?
  6. Hi mate I have no expertise in this because i have not started phase 1 yet. But what i do know is that civi street as it stands at the moment is a bad place when it come to employment, been from call centre to call centre, and its hard to get any respect or get up and go.
  7. Come and tell your aunty Chocolate Frog what's on your mind. (PM if needed)

    If you chose to stay in, then SOMETHING must appeal to you.

    Have you tried Adv Trg or doing some other training? Have you (as mentioned above) been dicked for a tour?

    Failing that, you can sign off in 18 months (if you joined after 18) and be out maybe 9 months after that. If you joined before 18, then you can sign off on your 21st birthday.

    You may not feel like you enjoy the Army at present, but you could be in a rut.

    Civvie strasse isn't great at the moment either....
  8. I think nottotouchtheearth sums up nicely mate. Unless you have some really wanted trade, and there are 2millon on the dole here to fight you for it, the outside world might be bleak. I speak not as serving but as one in enlistment process. Why not grit your teeth and take something off the Army, courses and all that, stuff that will set you up for life in civvy street. Don't go for a kickout, it will follow you for the rest of your life. USE the Army to YOUR advantage, not the other way round.

    Good luck - don't be a twat and fcuk up your life.
  9. Unless youve got a council job, school job or something in central government these days the really good secure jobs are hard to come by, ive been redundant twice this year both jobs being moved to south Africa. Its soul destroying mate.

    You want to leave the army mate im so bored out me braiin i cant wait to start. jan 3rd 2010
  10. Gone are the days when you could just quietly slip into the RSM's pit, grip the back of his neck with your teeth whilst frantically trying to insert your rigid gentleman stick deep into his honey cove before stealing his wallet and switching on the light on the way out so he could be sure who his admiring nocternal visitor was.
    Well it worked for me........after twleve attempts and a fallout over the colour of his new curtains.
    These days I believe this sort of thing is positively encouraged, apart from stealing the wallet.
  11. The Army is brilliant, who would want to leave it? EVER!? Well actually I put in for a transfer after I had enough of my current job, but life is great now.
  12. Perhaps you need to get in touch with your feminine side. Have you considered the SPS?

  13. Sounds to me like you need to sort your fckin life you dirty hat. get a fcking grip !
  14. You dirty, bluffing, bleep walt.
  15. You weren't joking were you...


    What a rotter.