Wanting to join the Signals BUT...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by OLLE, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. EDIT: Well...uh...everything really.

    Right heres my story; I started my application back in March and stated I wanted to go para, which I did even though my recruiting sgt tried to talk me into intelligence, but I stuck with it and did all my BARB, lit and numeracy and all was good...but I had to scrap my application due to certain family issues.

    Anyway I've recently reapplied online and stated the Signals, with a Comm Sys Eng in mind for a job, as my preferred job, but in all honesty it's not what I want to do. RIFLES, in particular 3 RIFLES, have become my second choice due to an unforeseen fear of height. My uncle was attached to the Para's as a chef and retired as a Major some 20+ years ago and he told me I should get a trade. As much as I agree I honestly believe I wouldn't enjoy my career as much. Infantry has ALWAYS been in my heart, ya know? Do you believe I would get a better overall experience, with enjoyment etc, if I went for the infantry, something I would love, and just get qualifications on the side?
  2. The good thing about joining the R SIGNALS is that there are loads of specialist units that might satisfy the inf thing. Each Inf Bn is now getting its own Support team which is made up of 5 R SIGNALS tradesman to help them out with Bowman, power, Eqpt Care etc. If you really want to go Inf then by all means join them but be clear about the qualifications you can attain whilst serving with them, if you are keeping your eye to when you eventually get out.
  3. OLLE,

    You could[/] join the Inf and then transfer to another trade after you'd got it out of your system. However, this would mean you would have to know, roughly, when you were leaving in order to effect the transfer. Bearing in mind it could be a long road to finally swap and that you could be subject to a contract keeping you in for a further 3 - 5 years.

    If you fancy a shot at CS Engr as mentioned above the Signals have LOTS of different units. Including teams in the Bns (in which you are likely to get a good grounding as Infantry (note you WONT be Inf, but you'll do a lot of what they do). We also have a Para and Cdo trained bods and and unit supporting Special Forces. There are a few other bits and bobs, including Electronic Warfare and other specialist tasks.

    Quals are available in the Infantry too, such as forklift, HGV, medical quals. Depends what you want to do outside, and what vacancies there are in the Bn.

    Only you can make the choice. So figure out what you want, and take in as much info on the various routes as you can find.
  4. If you have already started going through the application process WHY go to the online office now.............totally pointless as all what will happen is you are sent back to the ACIO anyway??????????????????
  5. Thanks for the insight, lads. I had another chat with my uncle and we both agreed that the reason he enjoyed his time as a tradesman was because he was doing something he loved and fully wanted to do, and that I wouldn't enjoy my time there if I didn't do the same...so I've decided to go for the RIFLES. I love IT, comms and such but I love it as a hobby that I choose to do. I couldn't do it as a job, I'd end up hating what I love haha.

    Iron the reason I went back to the online route is because the recruiting sgt told me my application file would be closed so I assumed I'd have to start my application from scratch. I filled in the part of the application about previous applications and stated the dates etc, and will also explain when I get my initial interview/BARB.

    Thanks again, fellas, should be sticking round here so be good to talk to you some more.
  6. No your previous TRHJ journals will all be in there, best off just going back to the ACIO and continuing your application as they will have the details on you...and this will get passed onto a different ACIO if you move. If over a year since your last application then youll have to start from a fresh.
  7. I'm in the exact same situation, I want to join the infantry alot but have people around me trying to tell me to join royal engineers and get a trade. But I don't want to go for a job just because it's the safer option and I might not enjoy it whereas infantry I no I will.
  8. Since when has the RE been a 'safer' option?

    You have no idea if you will enjoy the Infantry or not. Sit and read all of the paperwork gumph and make your mind up from there. By all means join the Inf, but look at all options. If you feel the pressure to get a trade is actually forcing your hand, then ask people to back off.
  9. Clueless ****, get yourself to Selly Oak/Queen Elizabeth Hospital and see all the RE lads who went for the "safe" option. Prick.
  10. I didnt mean Safe in that sense I meant safe as in going into RE to get a trade so I have something when I leave the army actually. Why is it people always jump to bloody conclusions on this.
  11. Like I just said I didnt mean safer in that sense I meant no disrespect stall just meant that with a trade I would have more going for me when I leave the army and i have read into it slot and the infantry appeals to me more than anythin else.
  12. I think it's pretty clear from his post that he didn't mean "safe" - as in no risk to life. He was referring to his future employment prospects. Calm down dear, calm down.
  13. If you feel it's what you really want to do then go for it. Having a military background of any sort can only be an asset in looking for a job afterwards, especially if you stay in long enough to get rank and experience of managing people. I should imagine if you love it, stay in 22 years and leave as a rifles RSM you'll have better prospects than if you join the sappers and leave after two because it's not what you want to do.
  14. Yeh that's exactly what I meant just obviously I worded it really bad lol.