Wanting to join the paras

Hi all,

I apologise if ive put this in the wrong section, or there are previous posts that I should have added this onto (I did do a search, but didnt really want to revive posts from circa 2008).

The fact of the matter is, as the title suggest, I want to join the Paras. I have Pre-ADSC coming up, which is a taster for the real thing. What im wondering is, are my targets which im doing at this moment in time good enough or do I need to improve on them before I get to the likes of ADSC and PRAC, and are they good enough to get me past Pre-ADSC.

Currently I normally hit the 1.5 run consistently in about the 8:40-45 mark, have had a few runs of 8:20. As for the pressups and situps, I can do about 60 and 80 respectively in the 2mins. Chinups, im hitting 9-10 on average.

So is this good enough on the physical side of things as it were?

Any advice would be great.




These questions are asked and answered on an almost weekly basis, so you should go to the regular recruiting forum and take a closer look. Also, take a look at teh Para Regt web site - there is loads of information on there.

The short answer is, yes - your performance is at the required level (assuming that your press ups and sit ups are carried out to the correct standard and are not weak hip thrusts or head nods).
You're doing well on the tennis lawn fitness side of things mate, but you really will benefit from learning to walk at light speed with weight on your back and no, I'm not exagerating. Good luck you are doing well.
Thanks for the quick reply fellas! Much appreciated.

Sorry Duke, my mistake, im not too good with forums and their workings, so I apologise.

As for the performance side of things, I do believe they are carried out correctly. With the pressups done until my chest touches a small piece of wood I use (to represent a fist) and then back up until the arms are locked. As for situps, arms across chest, with hands on either shoulder, lower until shoulder blades touch ground, not bouncing, and back. Is that ok?

And at Lee, I have done a few walks with 30kg's on a Burgan (I could do more if needed). Is that enough weight?

Again, thanks for the replys. I will check out the other areas of the forums to see the replys people have had.
It doesn't matter how hard you push yourself. All the Geordie vacancies have been taken.

Now if you were a Scouser or Brummie, there's still a couple of places left! :lol: :lol: :lol:

From what you say, You're doing fine. :D
Don't try & do anymore than that for now.
Good Luck!!!
Thanks for that cunny! Just needed my mind set at rest. Ive got the Pre-ADSC test tomorrow, although, with a head cold ive got, I think my scores may suffer. As long as I give 100% though im sure ill be fine, as I dont want to shirk it off like a big nancy boy, haha.

And is there a reason to not try and do anymore? is that because I could be overly good at the said things (not saying I am like!) and make them think they cant mould me into what they want? or is that just a load of crap and I should try and do bigger and better?


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