Wanting to join the infantry but parents want me to get a trade...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Cmfit, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Hey, brand new to the forum!
    Basically as of yesterday I can start my application for junior entry at Harrogate, now I've always wanted to join the infantry.

    Of course, to join through junior entry your parents must consent, here's the problem; my mother is absolutely against me joining.

    She's decided if I join I have to get a trade, I'm open to this but I can't see any trades which I can see myself doing for 12 years.
    Ive been looking at electrician in the Royal Engineers but I've never had a major interest in being an electrician.

    So there's my problem; I don't want to go to sixth form and don't feel I could wait until I'm 18.

    Any help? What are interesting trades, what is day to day like in the infantry? I'd also be open to the armoured corps.
  2. Day to day life in the Infantry will vary from unit to unit. For a rifle company the day normally revolves around PT, lessons and some fatigues. If you're going on tour soon this will be a lot busier and you'll be on exercises and the ranges much more.

    It is possible to get a trade in the Infantry though they are not "proper" trades that you'd get in Corps like the Engineers or the REME.

    The Infantry - British Army Website

    As for what might be interesting trades, go to the Army jobs website and have a look around and see what appeals, then go to the ACIO and get some more info, maybe go on a couple of look at life courses.
  3. Why not pop into your local recruiting office and ask them to go through many of the RE and REME trades. There are loads to choose from and they may surprise you as to what you can do. Personally I think the infantry are very brave but in the long run they don't learn that much that can be transferred to civi street for a career.

    If you truly want to go infantry, ask yourself why? If it is because you like the idea of being a front line soldier then you may be interested in the Royal Engineers as they are classed as combat engineers and as far as I am aware, may see a fair amount of action. (I'm only just passing into basic training so I know bugger all compared to many on here so I may be wrong or misinformed)

    If you want to go infantry because you've seen loads of war movies and love playing COD etc, then I suggest you definitely look at your options. (Not implying this is what you made you choose infantry).

    Everyone is a soldier first before trade whether it be infantry or intelligence corp.

    My advice is definitely to go down to the ACIO and have a good old chat with a recruiter before you decide on anything. :)
  4. As i'm in the Infantry, i will offer my opinion:

    If your a decent bloke, fit and are able to lead, you will do well. The good thing about the Infantry, your day to day role will be doing your job, ie, skills and drills etc. Yes, everyone is a Soldier first, regardless of trade but it depends on what level of soldier you wish to be at.

    At every stage of promotion you gain civvie quals -Institute of Leadership and Management. Also there is no 'time served' promotion, it is only earned by those that deserve it, pass the courses (some are very hard- SCBC/PSBC) and clearly display they have what it takes to lead men in a warfighting role. During my time i have done a degree with the OU and was fully supported whilst doing so, also the Army contributed towards the cost. Tradesman in the Army do cracking job too, and some have been in the thick of it aswell.

    At the end of the day the choice is yours, but if i were to do my time again, i would still pick Infantry.
  5. You are a lucky lad to have parents who care so much about you and your future.

    Go and sit a Barb test and see what trades you qualify for and see if any take your fancy.

    PS You are able to write a coherent sentence, have a look at Int Corps or ask about a commission via Welbeck.
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  6. Thanks guys, Just another quick question; what are the transfer rules? I've read that you sign a form saying you won't transfer, is this true? Also is there the possibility of starting Harrogate/Winchester then transfering from the Royal Engineers to and infantry regiment or would that breach the form as well?

    Thanks in advance guys!
  7. It's part of the job offer letter. When you sign it, you also agree that you are not allowed to transfer. There are exceptions of course but it's rare and with the amount of people applying, there will not be much room for movement. You are going to have to take your time and decide carefully.

    Just don't rush into a decision because as was said earlier, some people love the infantry no matter what. And thats a fair thing, I mean, it's not like the infantry is full of stupid people who couldn't do a trade. On the flip side, some go for jobs/careers (I refer to all walks of life) with rose tinted glasses and it ends up being not what they expected or wanted.

    Just make sure you do what you wish to do but also listen to your parents advice when making a decision.
  8. Go Infantry and ask the chap down the AFCO you want to join 2 Royal Anglian, The Poachers. Best move you will ever make.

    Ps, I hope you like singing, We all sing 'the Poacher'!
  9. I'm at Harrogate now and when I get in next week we do our capbadge confirmation. What I understand from my section commander is that you can change your capbadge up until week 28, to pretty much anything.
  10. X59

    X59 LE

    Easy answer. Wait untill you don't need parental permission, then sign up for the infantry, if that's what you still want.

    Alternatively, rush in now and sign up for, and be stuck with, a trade which your parents approve of.

    Enlist in haste, repent at leisure.
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  11. Is parental permission required to change cap badge before this 28 week limit?
  12. I doubt it! Your parents sign on the dotted line to give permission for you to join the Army, not permission for what capbadge you have or want.
  13. Thanks a lot guys

    I'll go to a recruiter and get some more info, maybe I'll go on a look at life course.
  14. Mate do what YOU want to do as it's YOUR life. If that means waiting a while then so be it. I don't know if it's just a generation thing but why do loads of lads keep asking the same question about signing up trying to please parents. If your mummy thinks that having a trade will keep you away from the sharp end then she's got a very antiquated view of the army.

    Man up and tell her it's what you want to do.

    Ask yourself this. What would her answer be if you told her to change her job because you didn't like the one she done?
  15. If you really want to go
    Infantry speak to your parents about it, at the end of the day it's your career not your mums. Give her some time to get used to the idea and get yourself on some look at life courses. (scots guards do a good one ;)) take your parents to the careers office and let them have a chat with an infantry recruiter, gaining a better understanding of what the infantry do will help. A lot of people assume the infantry is full of thick people that can't do anything else, and while for some that's true there are all also a lot of very intelligent, well qualified lads who have chosen to do it because it's what they enjoy! Good luck!