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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by seanp21, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. I am planning on going down the careers office tomorrow to join the military police was just wondering what the chances are of getting in
  2. Are you a big?
  3. what's a big?
  4. A big what?????

    Without many details being given, hard to say what your chances are. However its upto you, how you turn up and put yourself forward.
  5. Have you seen the size of the military police guys? lol
  6. Best way to find out your chances is to get yourself down there, get your application pack, and crack on.
  7. Ummm yes i have :roll: Have you, would be a better question. So i take it you meant is he big in stature, which actually is not a requirement.
  8. Yes i have, to be in the Military police you need to be a certain weight, if you weigh like 11stone you dont really stand a chance.
  9. I'm not particuarly big no :( over from South Africa doing computer course and realised not quite for me so will just go down and see thanks
  10. i chose RMP as my 2nd job choice. what gcse's have you got? you need at least grade c in english and maths?
  11. Ignore this throbbers ramblings. He is to recruiting knowledge what Adolf Hitler was to equal opportunities. I know some current RMP soldiers and they weigh roughly the same as a soggy tea bag.
    Get yourself down to the AFCO or ACIO in your area, and good luck.
  12. lol, what is your problem? also, make sense?

    Answer me this, have you even enquired about the Military Police? last year, i was thinking about it, but im not in the required weight class.
  13. My problem is you giving misleading advice to potential applicants on subjects you don't really understand.
    I have never enquired into joining the RMP, no- you've caught me out there. I was dead set on the RAC when I enlisted in '98, so didn't pay attention to anything else.
    I have during the last year I've been working as a recruiter, however, taken several people through the application process of joining the RMP, and many other regiments and corps. If you were told there was a problem with your weight, then it was in relation to your height.

    SEAN- don't worry about all this shite you are seeing on this thread, just speak to the recruiter at your office- he or she will answer all your questions.
  14. I'm 5"9 - i went to the recruiting office not knowing what exactly what i wanted, it was either light infantry or the MP, i was asking about it, and i wasnt near the required weight class, nothing to do with my height.
  15. Flashgear, I think he means that you have to be a certain height for your weight. Like, been 5'9 you should be in a certain weight range?
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