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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TheBz, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. Hey, im new to this but here it goes.....

    I want to apply for the infantry in January, but have a quick question about the regiment i am looking to join.. I want to join the Irish Guards and this might sound stupid, but figured it would be best sounding stupid on here rather than a recruitment office right?

    Anyway, can i join the Irish Guards even though im not Irish?
    I would be up for joining the other Guards, but i researched Irish and they seem more my type, and its not said anywhere that that i would have to be Irish.. But i just wanted to make sure.


    (Also open to comments if you dont think Irish Guards is right for me in some way)
  2. Yes, you can join the Irish Guards without being Irish.
    I believe they recruit quite well from scouseland, If it's from outside their catchment area you may have a problem and have to join another regiment if there are no family ties (as i understand it)
  3. Thanks for reply
    Im from Southport just by Liverpool, but still counted as Merseyside, but now i know English can join i can ask my local recruitment centre without the risk of looking stupid. :)
  4. Ya wool ^^
  5. Your chances of not being Irish are pretty slim if you're from Liverpool, since it did use to be Ireland's capital. ;-)
  6. Can I ask, why you particularly want to join the Infantry, no disrespect but there are a lot of opportunities throughout the Army.
  7. on the other hand you could ask why would you not want to join the infantry?? fair enough there is the argument which is always brought out that the infantry does not set you up for later life when you leave. but most of the lads have now got quals which are transferable to civvy street and the lifestyle / banter with the lads is second to none. and speaking to mates who are not inf, they look back with regret at not joining up as a 'bayonet' as they are bored as fcuk all the time and cant wait for their 4 years to be up, whereas my mates in the inf arent going anywhere soon!! good luck any fella and get some in
  8. Well before i transfered back in 2006 due to FAS i was ex Infantry & gained more civvie street equivilent applicable qualifications than i could shake a stick at, it's the 'approach and attitude' of the Infantry soldier 'Not' the sector of the Arm/Branch and I am not alone,

    I am fully aware the dinosaur attitude of Cannonfodder is still alive and well however the Infantry has as many opportunities as any other (although some may be limited I agree)

    Not a dig but a valid point which is all too often forgotten by 'other' sectors of the Army..
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    he's more sand than wool! Fit in well in the micks as a mess waiter, bit posher up there than West Kirby!

  10. Taken me a bit out of context there chaps, my question was meant to see if theBz knows what other opportunities are available to him. certainly not intended to dis any cap badge.

  11. Isn't Liverpool in the Irish Guards catchment area anyway, or used to be? Anyhoo used to work with a Mickey Mouser who had never set foot in Ireland joined the Inniskillen Fusiliers in the 50's.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    In the days of National service the RUR was full of east End boys!
  13. That little known part of the highlands, Preston is part of the SGs catchment.

    And by the look of it, some of Coldstreams got lost on their march down to London (their traditional catchment area being the route they took).
  14. Yes you can ask what you like, i want to join infantry for the active lifestyle they get from it and even just the social side of it and all kinds of reasons really... But i know about the other side to the army where i could get stuff out of it to better myself when i leave, but ive been working since i was 16 and got a tradeskill out of it to fall back on when i end up leaving after the 4+ years.
    (I will also look into quals i can get while in infantry ofcourse)

    Thanks for all the other replies too, will definitely apply for Irish Guards and see what happens in January.

    An i aint no wool :)

  15. You're from Southport so yeah you are a proper wool lad !!
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