Wanting to join, for a while

I have seen that this has been covered a couple of times over various forums, but not since the governments re-think so here goes -

I'm currently plodding my way through the application process for joining the regs as an officer (currently awaiting paperwork to be sorted for Briefing) and have at the suggestion of various threads on the officer forums contacted my local TA about joining them as soldier for a bit of army experience while I work through my application.

So what is the current thinking on this? As although it was suggested to others, this was before the training and recruitment cuts, and so I am wondering where the stance is on people joining up with no intention of staying there as long as even a year? I am aware the application process itself is rather lengthy aswell.

While I will be informing the Sgt of my intentions when I meet him on Monday to discuss the option of the TA, I was just hoping to get some insight from yourselves on this before I spoke to him.


If you join the TA, it may mess around with your regular application. Especially considering you would have to join the TA soldier ranks and not the officer route (Which you wouldn't be able to complete in under a year I don't think).

Joining the TA whilst thinking about going regular is the route I took - And I've ended up staying with the TA for the time being, as I ended up finishing training and now I am waiting to jump at my chance to get on an op tour.
I'm not saying thats the situation you will find yourself in, but if you are looking at a year or under then my advice would be that if you are set on going full-time, then wait out 'till you can make that happen.

If you are not completely sure, however, then joining part-time could be the option for you. Providing you don't mind possibly having to start afresh with the recruitment process when or if you decide you want to go regular afterward.
Well I am set 100% on wanting to go the Reg Officer route, and have been trying to do so as quickly as possible. It's not really a case of considering the TA as an alternative it's more a more constructive way to spend my time working my way through my application.

When I spoke to a Major on a regimental visit he was very enthusiastic with the idea and didn't envision it interfering with my Reg application, but as I say this was before the whole TA budget debacle. I received the same sentiment from one of the ladies I spoke to over the phone at the TA.

Given how long I've found the officer recruitment process to be so far, I wouldn't want to jeopardise it and have to start all over again. But as I said, this wasn't given to me as a possibility by the people I've spoken to so far, but will be sure to make this my main enquiry.


From what I seen of people who have joined the TA, then continued the application for a regular infil it at least delayed the application and set them back a fair bit, with you being as sold as you are on full-time then although I symphathise with your situation (Was in the same position myself) and it seems like a good thing to do, I'd advise agaisnt it. I was under the impression that this is quite a frequent occurrence, so it surprises me to hear a Major, but more so the TA lady say otherwise. Maybe something has changed which I'm not aware of.
The TA is still the army, and as such as far as I know the paperwork is intertwined at some point along the line, which causes these hiccups.

Speak it through with your AFCO and see what can be done or not. Can't really give anything useful beyond that, but good luck with your application. Hope you get some definite answers.
Well just for future reference for anyone, after speaking to my local TA, any application for the TA requires you to cancel a current Reg app, and then you can start it back up fresh once youre qualified as a TA soldier. I won't be opting for this, but just for future reference for anyone else in the same position.
To dig up an old thread, does anyone know if being a recruit in a TA Regt. puts the breaks on a Reg Officer application?

I joined the TA at the end of the second year of my degree, but looking at the time it is taking me to get through recruit training I'll have graduated long before I finish!

I only ask as I'm getting to be a bit old now, 25 far too soon... and I don't want to have to hang about for too long.
only ask as I'm getting to be a bit old now, 25 far too soon... and I don't want to have to hang about for too long.

25 Old?! no way! hence why they recruit up to 33! Im 25 and will be 26 by the time I go into basic training.....your no way too old, It just might make you think more carefully on your options of what to do career wise .... Im still pondering, its driving me mad.....

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