Wanting to join as a student nurse - any tips?

Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

Im going to pop into the recruitment office tomorrow to have a chat about becoming a student nurse in the army. Ive had a trawl through all the advice threads but was wondering if anyone had any idea of what happens, what ill be asked etc.

Know its a bit late in the day for an answer but im after anything that could give me an edge!

Oh and im a bloke so just bear that in mind when asking for pictures! :p
Do it! I'm so jealous! Been qualified nearly a year (trained in NHS) and I've been told I'm too old to be a regular soldier and I'm gutted. I'm in the TA, but love it so much I'd love to be in the regs! At least give it a go... you'll regret it if you don't. Best to regret the things you have done, than the things you haven't!
Be aware that the entry rules have changed and there is no longer a diploma entry so make sure your grades are good enough to study at degree level.

Compertition is very high so do your best, be yourself and good luck.

Yep, make sure you have the UCAS points before you make your application. I saw the rules had changed on the website and dropped in today. I don't have any higher Quals, but very strong GCSE's. Was told that the boards are all sat until next year after the new ruling comes in.

just so you know..

Hi Zackgar, I'm hoping to apply as a student nurse too. If I find anything useful out as I'm going along I'll try and remember to let you know :)

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