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wanting to join army as cmt

hi there,please bear with me but im prob gonna ask a few things that have already answered elsewhere,its just i cant find them,im a 26 year old male wanting to join as a cmt,just a few thing on my mind,are all new recurits to the army 17 year old school leavers as i feel im leaving it too late!!!(although not giving up!)do i need any gcse's to be a cmt,or just prove myself on the BARB test?what is the time i will have to complete my mile and half in,haqve been told 14 mins?? is this right,fitness is my main worry as i have been a bum my whole life till about 3 months ago when i decided i wanted to join the army,thanks for any help, Streety
If I recall, the run time is 12.5 mins for males recruits and 14 for female. Someone at a phase 1 establishment please feel free to correct me but I think thats the times, and there is a 6 mile CFT for recruits also.

Under CMS(E) it may have changed, its been a long time.
S*ck me sideways 8O

The Army must be desperate, raising the timings that far.
I thought it was still 10:30 for males and 13:00 for fems (which I thought was very forgiving)...

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