wanting to join 75 reserve engineers anybody got info?

im wanting to join the 75 engineer reserves as a p o m, is there any reserves on here with any information on this role? im 40 and a nvq level 3 bricklayer house bashing on site, i want to join and train as a plant operator mechanic but worried about passing the barb tests. would it be wiser to join as a bricklayer then try to get on a p o m course? or would i still need to pass the barb tests to join as a bricklayer? cheers Graham
Correct. Every job has a score you need to get if you want to do that job. If you want the official line about it, the ACT covers how trainable you are, not what skills you have already. You can be the best bricky in the world but if you can't be trained in your phase one then what good are you to the army? (Not saying that about you specifically but you get where I am coming from.)

In regular training now during trade training for most RE jobs they have an enhanced learning system where you can do some extra work in your down time to prove your ability and potentially skip some training. No doubt in the future they will be looking at butchering that system and somehow applying it to the reserves. The second part of that is my opinion and not a fact.
Yes that makes sense thanks . I think the score was 53 for the plant operator. I was told i could just join as combat engineer if i Dont make the score but it would be good to Learn a new trade . I will just have to get some practice in before hand. Cheers

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