Wanting to cross over from the RN

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by kakka_poo_poo, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. Right, I'll cut to the chase with this;

    I'm a 32 year old Royal Navy SNCO who is very, very unhappy with having had to man a desk for the last 3 years with no prospect of this changing. I have been offered a commission but again, I would be tethered to a desk. Rather than completely fcuk the forces off I'm seriously considering the Army. My question is having looked at the options available my age has become an obstacle.

    Can anyone tell me whether the fact that I'm not walking straight off the street would help in any way to being offered dispensation to come across with an age waiver if I were to apply as an Army Officer? Or am I fcuked and doomed to spend the rest of my life doing this rrrrrrrubbish. I would ask at a careers office but my present location is devoid of one.

    Any help would be appreciated, to be fair incoming and banter would be also as it may break the monotony.

  2. What trade are you? May be worth speaking to Deeps on Rumration as he went from RN to the Army.
  3. Warfare, completely non-transferable to my preference (RAC)! Thanks though, I'll give him a shout.
  4. Cross over? Have you had the operation yet? :)
  5. With his sea-legs, methinks that Sport and Pasttime Regt, RLC beckons.
  6. A SR who ca't get sea time? You chose the right branch.
  7. what rank? you dont get offered a commision you attempt to go upper yard
  8. Cheers for that. If you want to split hairs then fine, I'm mid way down the SUY route for Warfare Officer (X, don't want to get picked up again.) And it doesn't appeal.

    As for going to sea, there is a distinct lack of sea drafts available for my trade at the moment (PO AWT) And they are hardly inspiring. Hence my wish to transfer.

    Now fcuk off trying to make me justify myself / walt hunt!
  9. somebody is a bit touchy, why not try a draft with a deployable team, phalanx battery in basra, trainig team with rm etc