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wanting to change from RA to RMP

As the subject sugest i am looking to change capbadge.

the thing is i am 12 weeks into my 14 weeks basic training and i am slightly concerned i am perhaps too late??

Can anyone tell me what the training envolves? i know the basics but if anyone has first hand experience then i would like to get a little information from them.

Is the 5 months focused on more phys or paperwork issues?

Clearly i have to ask for this transfer asap so any info would be helpful quickly.

How a bout the promotion prospects? Are the rumors true about the cutbacks?

Its taken me this long as i have taken serious thought about it. I want to know some firsthand information, so if there is anyone out there who has, or is in phase 2 in the trade could you get in touch ?

Why do you want the monkies... but then ask about their job and training?

Why are you drawn to that Corps? You need to know the answer to that one, as you will undoubtedly be asked it. Along with...

Why do you think you are more suited to the RMP than the RA?...

Why didn't you go RMP during the initial phase at the ACIO.

Either way, if you want to transfer you need to ask NOW. It will be a lot easier.

Might also be worth finding out if there are even places available for the RMP at the moment.

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