Wanting some advice about my weekly cardio plan

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Murphy2012, Dec 25, 2012.

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  1. ok, well i passed my ADSC on the 12th december (9:28 1.5 mile time :pale:), and should be looking at a mid January PRAC, so obviously i have alot of work to do. since then ive been talking with an army PTI and i've come up with this weekly training plan, i was just wondering if i could get some feedback as to weather or not this will help get me fit enough given i give 110% effort.

    - 2 mile walk with weighted backpack (16.8kg) to the resovouir, then dump the bag at the top of a very steep 30meter-ish banking

    - fintan circuit using the top and bottom of the steep banking as the 2 points
    (start from bottom, sprint up, 15 reps of exercise, walk down, repeat 9 times,

    best effort run, 2 min rest) currently i am doing 4 sets of this, but next week im hoping to bump it up to 5 reps

    - 2 mile walk home with weighted backpack

    3 mile run (aim for 20-21 minutes), hill sprints (add 1-2 reps each week), 3 mile

    -rest/swim or maybe 20-30 mins

    -Sprint session at football pitch
    (start one goal line, sprint to 18 yard line, jog back, sprint to half way, jog
    back, sprint to other 18 yard line, jog back, sprint to other goal line, jog
    back, jog full lap, walk last width for recovery) did 10 reps last week, so will
    aim for 11 this week :)

    - 6 mile run

    - Weighted walk + fintan (same as monday)

    - rest

    Every 3rd or 4th week ill replace thursday's session with a mock PRAC run (1.5 miler, 2 min rest, 1.5 miler best effort), as well as 2 mins pressups + situps.
  2. You can be too fit, and you will suffer, since everyone will be broken down to a set standard across the board and brought up to passout standard fitness level (which is pretty poor)
  3. Im just trying to make sure im ready for PRAC, i'd hate to fail down to not training hard enough you see :(
  4. Good on your fitness program, just dont kill yourself before hand, and see the sharp decline when training finally starts
  5. Thankyou for the feedback :) will there really be a decline at first? i thought it would all be uphill right from day 1?
  6. Its basic training, If you are too fit, you will see the decline, but for others, who have done no fitness it'll be an incline workout, and as a group 30-40 bods it'll will be done at one level
  7. I see, i can imagine for the para's the majority will be alot fitter than i am, but i wouldnt mind been too fit :) it would make a nice change from the norm for me
  8. Some advice for PRAC here

    Soldier recruiting - British Army Website
  9. It talks about making sure hill runs are incorperated and im (hopefully) doing enough runs with hills so i hope ill be fine, just like most who cut it fine on ADSC im worried i wont be so lucky with PRAC :p