Discussion in 'Sappers' started by DozyBint, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Fellas,

    Reference the Arrse member in trouble (Help needed) thread, we're in need of friendly sparkies / plumbers / builders (I'm not sure about bridge-builders, I'll let you know!), so if you're able to help us or know anyone who can, please sign up on this thread or PM me.

  2. Come on guys ... this is an excellent thing that has been started on ARRSE ... a way of looking after our own who have fallen on rough times.

    I have volunteered to help where I can. As Dozy says, we need sparks, plumbers, builders etc to be able to respond and assist squaddies in need. You will only be asked to help with the skill bit, not financially (unless you want to) and only within your local area.

  3. I work in an off-licence.
  4. that's tea break covered then. :D
  5. Wanted: Plumber in Chelmsford area!

    Please PM me with details if you or a friend / family member can help out.
  6. Dozy, I will ask around on Monday when they are all back at school if you don't get anyone sooner.
  7. Plumbers have to go to school!!!
    (as good as a bump) :eek:
  8. They all have to go to school, plumbers, builders, stinking clerks, 'graphers. If they didn't go to school they wouldn't learn to read and write, would they? You silly boy!
  9. Were did you learn then?
  10. I knew you would say that but Shirley once you qualify as a plumber schools out for ever (where did that music come from?)
  11. Must be an RE plumber in Colchester, Wimbish or Waterbeach who could pop down to Chelmsford for a couple of hours to help out ... come on guys, quick job, deserving case!

    If he had UXO in his garden I would be there in a shot!
  12. Hi i know a plumber/plasterer in the ilford area Bell me with some details if still need help, i am also a bricky if required.
  13. Please check PMs!