Can anyone provide a link to a list (preferably with photos) of fugitives from ICTY or other agencied involved with the Frm. Yugo? A focus on BiH Croats, Bosniaks is ok for my purposes. Long story short, a friend of a friend has come into my acquaintance of late. Shady and scary as ****. Talking about Bosnia whilst in the bar on the piss ( as I was there in the mid 90's). His stories got way more fuckety as he went along. Alot of things didn't add up, and he got massively hostile. Dude identifies as a Bosniak, but was crowing about his Granda being an Ustasha general in WW2.His geographical knowledge of Krajina/ Hrvask also makes me wonder. Was a bit creeped out, andtalked to a friend who knows the guy. Apparently a violent sexual predator as well.. Wondering who this guy might be. . Please keep in mind that this is the serious part of the site.
the grickle is how my daughter says "the gristle" in pork chops. No relation.
As to my question: you know where there's a link for that list. My googlefu is very weak. Thanks, BL
Try the Interpol Site
The thing is he could have been a rank and file psycho that has never pinged on anyones radar.

If you are genuinely worried about the potential of the bloke then: Write it up with as much information about him as possible, name, age, description, address, places he goes, other acquaintances THEN SEND IT TO THE OFFICE OF YOUR LOCAL COUNTY CHIEF CONSTABLE not the local station, going to the Chiefs office something will get done. You can ask to remain anonymous, or just don't sign it, but tell them you are genuinely fearful of the potential of this character.

Plod can only act on information they have. I used to be in an area where they settled loads of Bosniaks and we used to seriously worry about who and what these jokers were and had done. The problem with open migration is that they leave their criminal record behind and you don't know they are a serial rapist until you catch them doing it on your patch.

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