Wanted Ex Signals instructors . Preferably experienced in setting up and running PSD and CP systems as well as long range comms.

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Sigs cant get comms and send a message?

How rare......

Click on my avatar, it'll come up with my profile etc, it'll also give you a PM option. (same with everyone else)

Not that I'm going to tell you how to use HF or set up a dipole though mate, why do you want to?
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How do you PM on here? Can you send details as I have someone who may be interested
Phew thought you was a signals guru masking that question.....
Why would you want a Scaley to set up a 'CP system'? I must get out more.
Reading between the lines they are looking for a person/people to set up, run and maintain communications systems for a Private Security Company in a hostile environment.
Somewhere hotter that Wigan would be my best guess and more hostile than Winchester.

The fact that they also asked about long range comms would indicate that there were multiple locations or that the tasks would take place over a long distance.

Over the last 10 years being a Scaley ****** has become in vogue.

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