Wanted - your SL / RnR Island Snaps for the front of ARRSE

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Good CO, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    The new front page has been extended slightly to include thumbnail pics from RnR Island. Please contribute! They are pulled randomly from this album:


    Images must please be exactly 306px × 134px, and compressed jpegs; so absolutely no more than 10kB or I'll have users no my back for slowing the site.

    To see how it will look you can see the final draft of the new-new front page here:


    As I write this that leads to a begging article for "Save ARRSE Island". It will become a bit more general.

    This could be a way to generate a lot of interest in the island so please contribute.
  2. Added...

    Will add more later....

    Contributions donated from all over SL and NOR, will add copyrighted stuff later today (got permisson) from NORSIM :wink:

    Er...think I added a couple to wrong folder :x

    Pain in the ass trying to get them under bloody 10k I might add :evil:

    If anyone has pics in-game inventory saved, they want to upload - please send am happy to do it, ensure pic is full perms before sending! cheers!
  3. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I really appreciate it and I know a lot of effort goes in, but most of those images are unusable because they're squashed. You'll need to trim to size rather than resizing or everything gets distorted.

    I will go through and use what I can.

    Sorry, but thanks!
  4. *grumbles loudly* well...next time dont say compress say TRIM!!!!

    *leaves muttering about men and stupidity*
  5. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    No you also need to compress - the size of the file in MB. What you shouldn't do is shrink the image width or height out of proportion with each other. So taking a photo that is 100 x 100 and telling a computer to take the same content but make in 50 x 10 is going to result in a squashed image.

    I think it is best to avoid doing this if that doesn't make any sense - unless you are a patient and willing learner!
  6. I think I may have to slap you, really quite hard..... 8O
  7. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Minxy, I put the new ones in because I don't want to offend and they look good, but they're still squashed - some extremely so. Should I post a quick how-to about how to cut an image down while keeping the aspect ratio? What software do you use?

    Also I don't think some work at that size - see the attached below. To make the most of the front page I would like to improve them and as we get more will remove the weaker ones. I think that in an advert like this quality is better than quantity.
  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Just to clarify for all (amd please do keep contributing!) Marked below are what I think works (generally light, zoomed in and correct aspect ratio), what is 'squashed' (marked with square box) and what doesn't work (cross).

    Picky? A lot of work went in to the front page so I claim my right to be!

    (BTW: WTF is the pink thing?!)
  9. I'll upload what I have into to the main gallery...I kid you not I have about 150 of the bloody things! (none of them mine either), I shall be careful what I ask for next time.

    Unfortunately I also suffer with not enough bloody hours in a day - downloading the bloody things from SL has set me back on other things Im working on. (you dont even want to see what I have to upload into the gallery, the thought of doing such a simple thing makes me dry heave - poor connection is a bitch)

    The thumbnail pics I havent taken on board I asked someone else to do that for me, think there is about 40 for you to choose from *smiles* knock yourself out!

    If you think anything will look better from the gallery lot to be uploaded then you can take from there, surely?

    *grins* you can be as picky as you like, tis your forum!

    *yawns* ontop of that have to get up bloody early to catch people the other side of the pond I need to speak to instead of IM/email ping pong! HA!

    Long lies ins are fast becoming a vague and distant memory!

  10. What pink thing?

    Oooh jeez, Im sure she would love that one!!

    If that is what you are referring to - that is a demon - head of a large demon faction, The Legion - Bizarre - otherwise known as The Tyrant....

    *sniggers* pink thing!
  11. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Great. That's fine. I can't promise to transfer them - as you say; time.

    This is a quick howto on image resizing. It's pretty straight-forward depending what editing software you use. This is The Gimp - chosen because it's free and good although takes a bit of getting used to (Windows, Linux, don't know about Mac)

    1. Resize the image roughly, maybe 500 wide, keeping the little link (circled) closed so that the aspect ratio is maintained.

    2. Choose the cut tool (scissors in Photoshop I think) and set the correct size for it. Done on the bottom right where I've circled in red. You could also do the same with the select tool, then copy and paste from the image.

    When you click on the image you will get a fixed size box of the correct (306 x 134) dimensions to move around as you like.

    3. Save as a jpeg with a compression quality value of about 65 (same measure in Gimp and Photoshop and probably others). The Gimp as standard doesn't have the same 'save for web' tools as Photoshop but you can still get a small enough image in good quality.
  12. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    You could also reverse the first and second steps by setting the aspect ratio of the cut tool / select tool to 2.28:1, choose what you want, then resize to 306 x 134 afterwards. Probably more professional and easier to choose exactly what you want.
  13. Or alternatively I could do the easy thing aaaaaaaaaaaaaand ask someone else to do it for me! *smiles*...

    Thank you for the information, duly noted...

    P.s Uploaded another slack handful for you!

    P.P.s Expecting the edited lot tomorrowish...
  14. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Thanks for your continued contributions but unfortunately we can't use most of them for the front page as they just won't scale. Because we need them in a pretty extreme letterbox format, it just isn't possible to trim most of yours to anything useful.

    To illustrate this, pse see the image below which is one that you uploaded. The red box I've put on it is the ratio that we are after. You can see that it goes off the side before we even get 25% of the image.

    Attached Files:

  15. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Don't worry though, all the pictures you've uploaded have ended up in the SL gallery and we have been able to use a few.


    You uploaded: [​IMG]

    We used: [​IMG]

    Pse note how the picture has changed!